Biggest risers, NZ top 100, boys

Felix (+38)- Is it the hot x-factor? or is it the quirky old fashioned feel, surely its not the cat?

Mason (+37)- My guess is its strong sound similar feel to Jack & Liam.

Eli (+24) & Ben (+20)- nicknames are hot Sam also rises 12. Is this a more modern trend giving children nicknames as full  names as they will be using that most of the time anyway? I think I still would prefer having the more formal fuller form 😉

Louis (+22), I wonder which pronounciation people are using, if its Lou-ee it fits well with Archie & Charlie.

Elijah (+19)- the latest hot biblical choice!

Aiden (+18)- An alternative spelling of Aidan perhaps thinking it would be more unique like Jaxon/Jackson


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