Biggest risers NZ top 100, girls

Mila (+53)  Mila is a short, sweet girls name which seems to be gaining in popularity super quick! It has a similar feel to favoured Mia & Isla almost a meshing of the two!

Pippa (+32), Middleton need I say more, interesting though that parents are choosing the nickname and more modern Pippa over Phillippa.

Mackenzie (+31), is it the unisex appeal or the cute Kenzie that is seeing Mackenzie take off.

Faith (+28), Perhaps instilling a virtue name on your child will see them grow up with a strong sense of religious values or just a resilient nature, why has Faith bounded up?

Hazel (+27), oh the lovely Hazel such a beautiful old gem! Was wondering when it would be redisovered the botanical nature also fits well with the rising Willow and friendly Olive & Poppy.

Anna (+26), my own name! What is the reason behind its recent jump? the popular A initial or the a ending perhaps or just the short, sweet nature and lovely meaning.

Willow (+22), did Pink help to knock this one up the chart a few numbers? I suspect though it was already on the rise.


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  1. 1

    No surprises with Pippa!

    Hazel is a name which people keep Googling and Googling to get to my blog … this must be significant?

    I think our name will continue falling in Australia; nothing like a politician to sink a name’s chances!

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