Boys names outside USA top 1000

Thought I had posted these then was nesting and found them!


Cassius & Reuben (191)

Harvey (184)

Ephraim & Otto  (178)

Amos (170)

Lucien (166)

Reilly (162)

Magnus (159)

Vince (158)

Guy (153)

Lachlan (147)

Dashiell (145)

Phineas (141)

Nate (136)

Gus (131)

Ira (129)

Cian (127)

Cormac (126)

Louie (124)

Otis (119)

Linus (117)

Robin (107)

Wiley (103)

Edmund (93)

Marcellus & Monte  (91)

Roan (89)

Arnold  & Quinlan (88)

Angus (87)

Alistair & Flynn (81)

Archie (79)

Paolo (77)

Wallace (74)

Tiernan (72)

Aurelio & Jethro (64)

Ciaran (62)

Ambrose (58)

Leopold (55)

Cillian (54)

Evander (49)

Caius (48)

Luigi (46)

Percy (41)

Jedediah (40)

Amadeus (39)

Baxter (38)

Caspian & Rufus  (36)

Mackenzie (35)

Ignatius (34)

Conlan (30)

Finlay (29)

Malachy (26)

Cosmo (24)

Archibald (23)

Wilbur (22)

Oswald (21)

Rupert (15)

Cassian & Cato (14)

Darcy & Peregrine (12)

Caspar, Hamish & Llewellyn (11)

Albie, Bartholomew & Rafferty (10)

Barnabas &  Cosimo (9)

Alfie & Percival (6)

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  1. 1

    Aren’t there some fantastic names that don’t make the top 1000? And weirdly, some of them even look like natural brothers to me …

    Edmund and Oswald
    Hamish and Angus
    Leopold and Evander
    Barnabas and Rupert
    Cormac and Rafferty
    Baxter and Mackenzie

  2. 4

    haley said,

    my wee men both feature on this list – there are so many great names on this list – love it!

  3. 6

    Always strikes me as most amusing that a number of these are in the UK top 100 and many more not that far behind, and yet they are so out in the wilderness in the US! The difference with Alfie, for instance really is quite astonishing. You can barely walk down a street or go to a playpark here in the UK without hearing “Alfie!” these days.

    • 7

      Yes same here – several of these names are Top 100 here. Not all names cross the pond very successfully.

    • 9

      babynamelover said,

      Its so fascinating especially when some have made there way to NZ and Australia but not to the USA. Alfie is very cute, I haven’t meet one in NZ, Archie and Charlie have become increasingly common and it has the same feel so wonder if it will be picked up here…

  4. 10

    Anna, the Australian data is released in January, as early in the new year as possible. However, not every state releases a Top 100 – some only bother with a Top 50, Top 30 or Top 10. If you e-mail me, I will send you links to everything, and e-mail you the data I have that’s not publicly available.

    (Alfie hasn’t made a big splash here yet either – but I feel it probably will, on the back of Archie).

    • 11

      emilieselden said,

      I’d love to get the links to the lists please! Thank you!

      • 12

        Hi Emilie, everything has been made available on my blog by now. Look under Name Resources in the Category Archive for everything published, and also check under Links to Name Data at the top of the page for more information.

        Since I wrote, the national Top 100 has been published as well. 🙂

  5. 13

    […] Boys names outside USA top 1000 « Babynamelover's Blog […]

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