Clementine Phyllis



Tui Sage

Greta Leigh Margaret- Mason

Elsie Aurora

Anna Grace- Tom & Zoe

Bella Kate- Evie

Tilly Mae- Harlee (g)

Adelaide Mae- Monty, Edmund & Darcy

 Hazel Grace Elizabeth- Stanley & Henry

Lily Monet- Ella

Deleya Daisy Maeve

Mae Jeanne- Samuel, Victoria & Mark

Dana Rose- Neve & Paige

Adelaide Katherine- Beatrice & Aleander





 Cole Edward- Jake, Kieran & Allie

Maclaren Luke- Fletcher & Estelle

Jonty Joseph

Oliver Darcy

Riley Aaron- Will & Cooper

Travis Brad- Logan

Luca Jackson- Rossi

Dallas Jackson- Reuben

Theodore Jethro

Archer William- Lexie



Reaghan Dale- Campbell

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  1. 1

    I had to look the Maori name Tui up – what a sweet meaning! (honeyeater bird).

    I know another pair of sisters called Adelaide and Beatrice; it must be a pair of names that naturally go together.

    As an Anna, I must say I find the combination Anna Grace really teeth-gritting. It’s so commonly used, and as both names mean much the same thing, seems very silly to me. Try harder, parents!

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      They are the same sort of victorian feel Adelaide & Beatrice, I don’t like Adelaide and I’m not sure why.
      It is funny that they both mean the same thing but I do think they sound nice together 🙂

  2. 3

    How nice to see not one but two Adelaides!

    Agree with Waltzingmorethanmatilda too about Tui — some marvellous names to be had in Maori, I think!

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