Timaru Herald March/April births


Bradley Kieran

Liam Michael (Scarlett & Louis)

Riley Tom (Taylah & Gemma)

Cormac Andrew Earl (Brylee & Jonty)

Cian Cathal

Tomas Jack (Jamieson)

Rily Matthew James

Reggie Arthur (Annika, Ned & Albie)

Ty William Thomas (Keira)

Chevy Phoenix (Ben)

Lenixx James John

Eddie Alexander



Khloe Lynette (Annabele)

Isla Adriana (Neave & Kees)

Ruby Lyn

Honor Victoria (Georgie)

Grace Mary

Jenica Louise

Adele Margaret (Emily & Siobhan)

Grace Margaret (Simone & Hayden)



Macy Jayne & Couper Gary (Olly)

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  1. 1

    Nice to see a Cormac, but the sibling names don’t seem to go with it. Chevy Phoenix is very memorable.

    Couper Gary?????!!!

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      It never fails to amaze me how many ways people choose to spell their kids names! I still can’t decide if I like Cormac or not.

    • 5

      Defilement is like filth, depravity, excrement. Not very flattering! I can’t even think why you’d have a name with this meaning (although I know that in the Dark/Middle Ages name meaning was rarely taken into account).

  2. 6

    […] I can understand why you might name a child Lennox.Β  I cannot fathom why you might feel compelled to respell it Lenixx; […]

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