Saw this name in my current treasures mag.

Behind the Name lists its meaning as- “welcome” in Tahitian.

Nameberry has another meaning- French variation of MAEVE “she who intoxicates”.

The Baby Name Wizard- has a reader comment: My name is Maeva and i’ve always loved the name. People who meet me always love my name as well – the only problem is spelling it. People always have a difficult time spelling it but, honestly, thirty some years into being named this, i’m used to it and am just glad that i have an unusual, beautiful name. Its origins are also always a topic of conversation, making it a nice icebreaker 😉

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MAEVA? Do you prefer Maeve?


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  1. 1

    Sophia said,

    I’ve never heard Maeva before. I think it’s quite pretty and interesting but I think I prefer Maeve. However, on a similar note, my new favourite name is Perla, the more common version being, of course, Pearl. Which do you like more?

  2. 4

    Dearest said,

    I like Maeva better than Maeve actually… Maeve always sounded odd and blunt to me, so I was so happy when I found Maeva on the French popularity lists 🙂 She’s a gem!

    • 5

      babynamelover said,

      What are you loving at the moment? 🙂

      • 6

        Dearest said,

        I’ve been crushing on Anona and Emrys for a while, but Oleanna is also on my mind a lot…
        Recent discoveries for boys include Alfeo, Cambyses, Covenant, Evren, Iero, Mordred, Osiris, Talfryn, Wymond and Zimri.
        For girls, Afonwy, Coppelia, Domitia, Doveva, Elswyth, Jocosa, Mayim, Melpomene, Polymnia, Terpsichore and Timea.
        I’m still amazed at how many unusual and wonderful names I can find, there seems to be an endless supply! 🙂

      • 7

        babynamelover said,

        Anona is interesting 🙂 I like Emrys a lot too 🙂
        Talfryn and Orisis and Zimri have caught my eye before too 🙂
        How do you say Afonwy? Elswyth is beautiful! I see you like greek girls names 🙂
        I agree no matter how many books I look through I always find some new 🙂

  3. 8

    Dearest said,

    I do like greek girls names, there are so many wonderful ones, and so many!

    I think Afonwy is pronounced uh-VON-wee if you compare it to how Myfanwy is pronouned. The F is definitely pronounced like a V 🙂 It’s a Welsh name that means ‘river’.

  4. 10

    Sophia said,

    Side note: Yesterday two little kids and their mama and baby brother came into work, their names were Winter and Soloman. I wish I knew the baby’s name too!

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