NZ TOP 100 baby names 2010


Biggest rises in 2010 were; Mason (#32) with a mighty leap of 22, Brooklyn (#79) close behind on 20, Ryder (#67) up 19 along with Edward now (#72) and then Quinn bounding 16 (#63) and Zachary (#49) up 14 who also deserves a mention.

Biggest drops were nicknames Sam (#77) and Ben (#99) down 21 and 19 respectively.  Sebastian (#87) and Joel (#81) followed suit down 16 each. Felix shimmed down more than a dozen, fifteen infact to number 98 just sliding in. And Gabriel (#95), Aidan (#76) and Jesse (#60) all fell 14. And talking about Aidan he has been beaten out by 7 places by his fellow named Aiden.

Leaving the top 100 were; Jamie, Hamish, Callum, Hayden, Cole, Zion, Andrew, Roman, Troy, Austin, Tristan, Christopher and Hugo.

Joining the fun were; Eli (NEW), Aaron (1999-2008), Marcus (2002 + 2008), Archie (2oo8), Dominic (2000-2008), Patrick (1999-2007), Taylor (1999-2003 & 2005-2007), Fletcher (NEW), Robert (1999-2008), Sione (2000), Lewis (1999 + 2001), Leon (NEW) and Maxwell (NEW)



If your wanting to steer clear of a fast moving girls name don’t choose one starting with A! six out of the nine top risers began with the first letter of the alphabet, maybe parents struggle to get through the a’s as they comprise! Annabelle jumped an amazing 42 to places to reach #51, while Scarlett made an impressive leap also of 29 to sit at #43. Ayla moved from the bottom to rest comfortably at 77, a rise of 23. Not far behind were Ashley up 20 and Alexis up 19. Summer followed suit jumping 18 to (34) and along came Aria up 16, Riley gaining 14 and Abigail skipping a dozen plus one.

Imogen after diving into the bottom of 2009, plummeted 44 places to 56th. Caitlin (#62) is finally on the way down losing 23 places as is her sister Kate dropping 15 to rest at #53, never mind theres still Katie holding at #54. Amy and Anna both fall 22 and 18 places but still sit within the top 70 just. Tessa loses 16 places and joins Matilda on a downward turn.

Leaving the top 100 are; Bailey, Brooklyn, Abby, Lauren, Alexandra, Anahera, Manaia, Madeline & Madeleine, Violet, Maria and Ariana.

Back are; Victoria (1999-2005, 2007-2008), Danielle (1999-2008), Harmony (2003-2008), Maya (2003-2008) and Lucia (2008). And for the first time let me introduce; Olive (#81), Willow (#83), Mila (#84), Layla (#87), Pippa (#95), Payton (#96) and Ivy (#99).


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