Birth announcements Christchurch Press November

Sky Juliet- Loki, Mya & Beau

Olive Georgina- Alice & Josie

Eloise Amelia- Jack

Eloise Sophie- Hugo & Luca

Anna Catherine- Maggie

Grace Michelle & Charlotte Mae

Jessica Kate & Hannah Grace

Anneka Maria Wilhelmina

Lucy- Bella

Kate Emme Letty

Alessandrina Jane & Isabella Veronica

Matilda Marilyn- Jack

Jemima Elizabeth- Georgia & Matilda

Tabitha Mary- Frano, Noah & Hugo

Lleyton Gary

Bradley Charles


Tom Luke- Nova

Marco Francesco- Sienna & Bruno

Mitchell George- Nick & Ellen

Jett Campbell Joe- Jamie, Jack & Jemma

Jack Patrick & Luke Nicholas

Duke Taylor- Poppy

Beau Bennett

Jonty Blake- Will

Stirling Henry- Edmund & Hadley

Alec Stuart

Chace Ethan

Euan Stewart- Hannah & Liam

Inigo Peter- Jessy, Teale & Florence, Chester & Edith.

B/G Twins

David Justin & Naomi Rose- Liam

Freya Elizabeth & Isaac Sidney

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    brooke said,

    I quite like that first sibset, although Mya seems kind of out of place. I would have expected something like… Loki, Sky, Beau, and…Gaia, or Lea, or Rain.
    Olive, Alice and Josie is cute, as long as Josie is actually Josephine.
    Loving all the Eloises popping up – excellent alternative to the overused (IMHO) Louise.
    Jemima Elizabeth is supercool, the only thing that beats that is the Jemima Alice I saw a while ago *swoon*
    Good set of BAs really, nothing really atrocious (Duke and Jett would have been better on cats though).
    I miss namenerdery!

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