Christchurch October bubs


Genevieve Constance Grace

Leila Edith (Sylvia & Isabelle)

Velvet Kitty (Moss)

Chloe Stella-Rose  (Phoebe & Isabella)

Stella Rose & Grace Margaret

Jemima Louise (Felix & Archie)

Evie Sylvia June

Pippa Faith (Millie & Louis)

Siara Violetta (Bella)

Jetta- v Star (Vianney)

Eva-Grace Amy (Lily)

Nirvana Star (Arizona, Hunter, Devan, Katana, Samara & Xavier)

Harlow-Lacey Ashley

Carmen Ann

Mabel Poppy (Theodore)

Nina Frances Elizabeth

Fleur Olive

Ruby Helen

Phoebe Ellen (Henri & Elliot)

Neve Kiri

Sapphira Gabrielle


Alex & Tom (Oliver)

Harry Jack Douglas (Eva, Sophia & Charlie)

Angus Alexander (Will)

Jake Andrew

Oscar Charles (Hazel)

Billy Barry Charles (Iris & Poppy)

Oscar Jorge & Tiago Anthony (Ruby)

Arlo Frankie (Louie)

Finlay Erik (Trinity & Matai)

Micah Peter (Noah & Tessa)

Miller Louis (Parker Jane)

Finn John (Paige)

Ozzy Charlie

Jensen Marlin (Annemieke & Shylo)

Oliver John

Thomas Innes

Liam Alasdair (Angus, Laura & Gemma)

Maxson Lawrence

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  1. 1

    Sophia said,

    Wow, there are some really gorgeous ones and some really odd ones in this collection! Genevieve Constance Grace is gorgeous and elegant, Leila Edith is cute, Velvet Kitty sounds, well, like a stripper; Felix, Archie and Jemima Louise are very sweet together, Evie Sylvia June is lovely; Milla, Louis and Pippa are super cute, Nirvana Star and all her siblings are…pretty insane; Mabel Poppy is adorable, Fleur Olive and Ruby Helen are both cute too.
    Of the boys I like Angus Alexander, Arlo Frankie (adorable!), Finlay Erik, Miller Louis, Finn John (though the double one-syllable -n factor is a bit off-putting).
    Iris, Poppy and Billy are cute and very English-sounding, but I find Billy next to Barry a bit odd.
    Just on a side note, our neighbours just had a baby on Saturday, their second girl. Their toddler’s name is Ruby and my stepmum said the mother wanted to name the new baby Clover but the dad wouldn’t have a bar of it. I’ll let you know what they name her because it’s always interesting to see which way Ruby-lovers swing the second time round 🙂

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      OOh do come tell me when you know 🙂 I have meet/heard Logan & Ruby, Ruby, Ella & Jessie, Ruby & Archie + Ruby-Kate & Ashen.

      • 3

        Sophia said,

        They’ve named the baby Neko Jane (big sister is Ruby May) and I got to cuddle the little sweetie today, she is just divine 🙂
        I think I’ve told you the Ruby sibsets I know/have met/heard of, but I’m bored so I’m going to try to name them all again haha…

        Ruby, Olive and Imogen (my step-sisters)
        Ruby, Audra and Eva
        Ruby and Joseph
        Ruby, Joel, Finnian and Oliver
        Ruby and Freya
        Ruby, Lilly and Jemma
        Ruby, Lucy and Bess
        Ruby and Jack
        Ruby, Thomas, Harry and Jack
        Ruby, Maya and Eli

        …that’s all I’ve got right now, but as you can tell, there are quite a few Rubys in my town!

      • 4

        babynamelover said,

        Neko on a girl- I never heard before! how are they saying it?

        I love Ruby, Audra & Eva and Ruby & Freya.

        I also heard of Ruby, Amelia & Evie.

  2. 5

    Sophia said,

    It’s pronounced Nee-koh, I’ve heard it before on a friend of a friend’s baby born recently named Neko Rose, and also one of my favourite singers is named Neko Case. I think it’s Eastern European in origin.

  3. 9

    Bewildertrix said,

    Harlow-Lacey Ashley? No, just no.

    Velvet is bold and offbeat enough, combined with Kitty, extremely OTT saucy. I suppose Violet and Scarlet were too vanilla. I saw it in the Telegraph once which was unexpected.

    Ruby is blech but at least spelt correctly. I’ve seen Rubie twice recently with equally misspelt (and crappy) sibling names. Helen is lovely.

    Fleur ♥

    I only like Genevieve with the French pronunciation (which would be a completely pain in the rear unfortunately). The English pronunciation is inelegant.

    Neko like the Japanese word for cat? Seriously?

    or a respelling of the male name Nico?

    Regardless, I’ve seen it a few times in the Aussie notices. I think they were New Pornographers/Neko Case fans too.

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