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    Coralie said,

    My favorites are:
    Cassius Barnaby James
    Cassius Edward John


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    Coralie said,

    Some random combos:
    Cassius Barnaby John
    Cassius Barnaby Jude
    Cassius Barnaby Quinn
    Cassius Barnaby Roan
    Cassius Barnaby George
    Cassius Franklin John
    Cassius Franklin Roan
    Cassius Franklin Bede
    Cassius Edward James
    Cassius Edward Rex
    Cassius Edward Quinn
    Cassius Edward Roan
    Cassius Edward George
    Cassius Edward Bede
    Cassius Orlando John
    Cassius Orlando James
    Cassius Orlando Rex
    Cassius Orlando Bede
    Cassius Benjamin James
    Cassius Benjamin John
    Cassius Benjamin Rex
    Cassius Benjamin Roan
    Cassius Benjamin Bede
    Cassius Xavier John
    Cassius Xavier Jude
    Cassius Xavier George
    Cassius Xavier Henry
    Cassius Xavier Bede
    Cassius Xavier Quinn
    Cassius Henry George
    Cassius Henry Jude
    Cassius Henry John
    Cassius Henry Edward
    Cassius Henry Bede
    Cassius Arthur Henry
    Cassius Arthur George
    Cassius Arthur James
    Cassius Arthur John
    Cassius Arthur Bede
    Cassius Arthur Quinn
    Cassius Oliver Bede
    Cassius Oliver Quinn
    Cassius Oliver John
    Cassius Oliver James
    Cassius Oliver George
    Cassius Oliver Jude
    Cassius William Bede
    Cassius William Jude
    Cassius William George
    Cassius William John
    Cassius William James
    Cassius William Arthur
    Cassius William Roan

    Cassius Henry
    Cassius William
    Cassius Arthur
    Cassius Oliver

    Also, how are you pronouncing Xavier? Zay-vee-er/Zay-vyer or Ex-ay-vee-er/Ex-ay-vyer?

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      babynamelover said,

      Ex-ay-vyer. You?

      Thanks 🙂

      I like Cassius Oliver James, Cassius Barnaby Roan, Cassius Franklin Bede, Cassius Edward Rex, Cassius Orlando John (love!) and Cassius Benjamin.

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    Sophia said,

    I’ve only EVVVER heard Xavier pronounced Zay-vee-uh. Can it seriously be pronounced other ways…?

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