Writing a baby name book.

Is my dream!

What do you look for in a baby name book?

What features do you enjoy the most?


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    Miette Miel said,

    Definitely the meaning and pronunciation as well as popularity and variations of a name and nicknames.

  2. 4

    Bewildertrix said,

    I avoid those with “Baby” in the title for a start 😛 Well, no, the Baby Name Wizard is fine so I make an exception there.

    I stick to the Oxford Dictionary of First Names and use other online resources. Some of the baby name books I’ve picked up before and had a brief nosy through were shockers, particularly the one that didn’t give meanings so much as the author’s “impression” of each name. For example, Scarlett was “mysterious” and “sultry”. No etymology or anything particularly relevant mentioned whatsoever. Others perpetuate lots of misinformation and with some parents factoring meaning/origins/”legitimacy” of a name into their decision, this sucks for them.

    • 5

      babynamelover said,

      Thanks Kellie 🙂 I have quite a collection of my own but wanting to get some opinions on what people look for 🙂 The Baby Name Wizard is an awesome book 🙂 what are the best sites online? I use behindthename.

  3. 6

    vomiting said,

    Meanings in name books are often inaccurate and were simply made up at some point. I think that the etymology of a name is far more important.

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