Telegraph birth annoucements


Oscar James Lars- Emilia

Caspar Henry- Freddie

Wilfrid George Francis

Leopold George Calvert

Fabian- Sacha (Alexander)

Robin Alan Calvert

William Cassidy Phoenix

James Christian Francis- Clare & Peter

Meilyr George William

Felix John Oscar

Barnabas Mildmay Landale

Max Robert Michael-George & Tabitha

Miles Timothy Glanfield- Guy

Edward Robert Cecil

Humphrey George Wilfred- Nicholas, Rachael & Millicent


Unity May

Evie Georgina

Natasha Rose- Jessica & Melissa

Elsie Mary

Molly Emma Daisy

Sophie Katherine Iris- Lily

Martha May

Olivia Alice Rose- Charlotte, Katy, James, George & Thomas

Anna Allegra- Benjamin & Nathaniel

Saskia Wilhelmina

Olivia Rose- Katya & Grace

Bethan Rose

Inca Anaik- Oscar & Amelie

Justine Elizabeth Beatrice

Chiara Maria Grace- Ignatia

Cecily Grace- Ottilie, Rose, Verena & Amelia

Matilda Alice- Florence

Clementine Cambridge Fleur

Imogen Florence India- Charlie

Daisy Kate- Annabel & Flora

Penelope Amanda- James

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  1. 1

    Sophia said,

    Emilia and Oscar James Lars are sweet.
    Sacha and Fabian are fantastic together!
    Unity May is interesting but kind of ugly.
    I love Evie Georgina, Saskia Wilhelmina; Oscar, Amelie and Inca, Florence and Matilda Alice (beeeeautiful names for sisters!), Clementine Cambridge Fleur (perhaps minus the Cambridge), Charlie and Imogen Florence India (Florence certainly seems to be on the rise!).

  2. 4

    Bewildertrix said,

    Unity May! Awesome although the Unity Mitford association blows. I read somewhere once that it got a little bit of currency in Ireland along with Juno as an “Anglicisation” (of sorts) for Una/Oona.

    Cecily’s sibs are very well named.

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