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    Coralie said,

    Fern, Fleur, and Florance (when it’s spelled Florence) are my favorites, but I also like Ferdinand, Fuchsia, Fiona, Francis, Frank, and Finlay. Fatima is pretty, too, but I’d be worried about those first three letters…

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      babynamelover said,

      Oh dear didn’t think of that!
      I like Frank a it is my late Granddad’s name.
      My favourtie F names are Flora & Fergus 🙂 what are yours? 🙂

      • 3

        coralie2010 said,

        I like a lot of F names– in addition to the ones on this list and your favorites, Flora and Fergus, there’s Felix, Frederic/k, Florian, Frances, Francesca, Fiorella… The list doesn’t end. 🙂 Felicity was one of my favorites when I was little, but then I met one who slightly ruined it for me (I hate it when that happens)… 😦

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        babynamelover said,

        Me too I hate negative name associations! What letter do you like the most? 🙂

      • 5

        coralie2010 said,

        I don’t have a particular favorite– there’s A, C, D, E, F, I, O, and R… Oh, and Z for girls, but not so much for boys. 🙂

      • 6

        babynamelover said,

        I wil have to look at my lists and get back to you 🙂

  2. 7

    Bewildertrix said,

    Fantasia, ha ha.

    And Fleur for the win!

    While going over middles for Ottie I was miffed that I couldn’t reuse Fleur. Ottilie Fleur would have been ideal for me. Actually, so would have Scarlet. Isla got some great middles.

    Fern is lovely too. I would love to see it in real life.

    • 8

      babynamelover said,

      Ottilie Fleur would have been beautiful! Ottilie Scarlet Fleur…
      Have you got the birth certificate yet? 🙂

      • 9

        Bewildertrix said,

        Yup. It’s linked on the blog. But here it is anyway:

        I went with the “pretty” certificate (you get three choices at the $26 price) although it’s still cheap and shoddy paper.

      • 10

        babynamelover said,

        Oh I couldn’t see the link, thanks 🙂
        Her name is so beautiful! I can hardly get hubby to have two middles when we have bubs!

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    Sophia said,

    Falcon is interesting, I think it’s the name of “Balloon Boy”?
    Fantasia sounds like a stripper.
    Fatima I don’t like at all, which probably does have a lot to do with the big ‘FAT’ at the start.
    Ferdinand is very cool.
    Fern is nice, and a lovely nickname for Fernanda, which I really like.
    Finlay is growing on me every day, though I’m unsure as to whether it’s pronounced as it’s spelt or if it’s pronounced like Finley.
    Fiona I actually like a lot. I think Fifi is a cute nickname.
    Fisher is a surname for sure.
    Flaxon is quite interesting as a name, in the same vein as Jackson and Saxon. Reminds me of flaxseed oil though.
    letcher is growing on me too, I think it’s quite cute and boy-ish.
    Fleur is nice, and has a lovely meaning, my mum hates it though. Apparently there were too many Fleurs and Tiffanys when she was growing up?
    Florance I LOVE, as you know, but spelt Florence.
    Forest is a bit too nature-y for me. A bit too hippy.
    Francella is very exotic and fancy 🙂
    Francis is super cute, I like Frances too, for a girl.
    Frank is a darling nickname for the above, I prefer Frankie though, for boy or girl.
    Frankleigh. Not to be clever, but, quite frankly, I do not like this as a name.
    Fuchsia is the name of one of my best friends, but spelt Fushia.

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      babynamelover said,

      Yes it was the balloon boy!
      Fernanda is pretty I think I prefer plain Fern though 🙂 what middles would you put with Fern?
      I like Fin- lay said this way as opposed to Fin- lee. I don’t know if they are said differently.
      Fifi is a lovely nickname for Fiona 🙂
      I don’t like Frankleigh either!
      YOur friend has a cool name!

      • 13

        Sophia said,

        Fern Miranda maybe. Fern Lucy, Fern Clementine, Fern Isabelle. I prefer Finley I think, but it sounds girlier than Finlay. I like Fifi but my best friend thinks it’s a dogs’ name.
        You know how I told you about the chef at my work who has twins? And I only knew one of their names? Well, I told you about Phoenix, which was the only name I knew before today, but now I know the other little girl is called Coco. So cute! It was their third birthday today and they are just literally the sweetest little things ever.

      • 14

        babynamelover said,

        Fern Miranda is pretty!
        Naw I like Coco a lot but not Phoenix so much 🙂

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