Christchurch Press Births- May


Olivia Mary- Caleb & Jacob

Gretel Kate- Lily

Isabella Eva Jean- Felicity

Ruby Rose- Lucy & Millie

Sonnie Aaronita

Arna- Bayley

Phoebe Annabel- Harry

Juliet Rose- Aidan

Anouk Elisabeth- Xavier

Cameron Grace- Riley

Eliana Rose- Samantha & Maddison

Erikah Rose- Jorgiana & Alexandra

Madden Belle

Harper Rose- Tayla

Rose Aislinn Eliza

Henrietta (Etta) – Isolde

Bianca Kate

Gianna Lily- Maia

Claudia Elizabeth- Milly

Esmae Olive

Sophie Arizona

Alia Lyn- Eli & India-Grace

Lulu- Jess & Grace Ann

Lilly Bernadette- Clare & Tom

Lexi Kathleen- Blake, Ashley & Cadence

Melanie Xanthe- Jemma & Ben

Lily-Belle Rose

Phoebe Molly Isla

Kate Isabelle- Phoebe

Harriet- Gulliver & Fletcher (twins)

Aspen Mackenzie


Harry David & Charlie William

Cole James- Grace

Harrison Joseph Justin- Lily & Phoebe

Bryn James- Zoe & Ava

Will Scott- Meg & Grace

Ethan Francis- Mia & Ruby

Edward Nico- Holly

Dominic- Chelsea & Caitlin

Adam Charles- Matthew

Benjamin Herbert- Madeleine

Xavier Albert- Alex

Isaac Darcy- Greta

Louis Bernard- Annie

Kacey Mitchell- Neva & Kaden

Walter Alfred

Charlie James & Oliver Jackson- Toby, Liam & Tara

Xander Liam- Rohann

Henry James Miles

Leo William Xavier- Lachlan


Tom Robin- Faye

Nixon James- Bruno

Oscar Henry- Poppy & Quinn

Quinn Francis- Gemma & Phoebe

Leo Brent- Hannah & Phoebe

Quintin Robert

Bentley Keaton- Cohen

I am intrigued by the number of Phoebe’s! six seems like a lot.

New Zealand

#68 in 2009

#62 in 2008

#98 in 2007

#59 in 2006

#65 in 2005

#45 in 2004

#56 in 2003

#53 in 2002

#65 in 2001

#71 in 2000

#65 in 1999

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  1. 1

    Coralie said,

    A lot of wonderful names, but these are my favorites:

    Ruby Rose- Lucy & Millie– I think that the sibset is adorable. πŸ™‚ Probably a bit *too* cute for me to use myself, though.
    Phoebe Annabel- Harry
    Juliet Rose- Aidan
    Anouk Elisabeth- Xavier– I love Anouk! Never heard of it actually being used, and rarely considered (I think I heard that she’s common, or at least not uncommon, somewhere in Europe, though…)
    Rose Aislinn Eliza– So nice to see Rose as a FIRST name, as she’s a bit overdone as a middle.
    Henrietta (Etta) – Isolde– Wow! This is SO unexpextedly awesome! I love Isolde, too. πŸ™‚
    Claudia Elizabeth- Milly
    Esmae Olive– I prefer Esme or EsmΓ©e, but it’s a nice name.
    Sophie Arizona– Funny, I just moved from Arizona. πŸ˜€
    Melanie Xanthe- Jemma & Ben– I love Xanthe. πŸ™‚
    Phoebe Molly Isla
    Harriet- Gulliver & Fletcher (twins)
    Edward Nico- Holly
    Xavier Albert- Alex
    Isaac Darcy- Greta
    Louis Bernard- Annie– I wonder which pronunciation they use- they French loo-ee or the English loo-is?
    Walter Alfred
    Henry James Miles
    Leo William Xavier- Lachlan
    Oscar Henry- Poppy & Quinn
    Quinn Francis- Gemma & Phoebe
    Leo Brent- Hannah & Phoebe
    Quintin Robert– Though I personally prefer the Quentin spelling (probably since I’m more used to it), I like the name a lot.

  2. 4

    Sophia said,

    Gretel Kate and Lily are very sweet- I like it when Lily is paired with something more unusual (two sisters I know are Lily and Wren). Isabella Eva Jean and Felicity are nice, Ruby Rose, Lucy and Millie are very cute (one of my best friends is called Ruby Rose), Phoebe Annabel and Harry are quite nice, Juliet Rose and Aidan are lovely, Anouk and Xavier are gorgeous. For some reason I quite like Cameron Grace, Madden Belle is an interesting variation on Madeleine. Harper Rose is adorable, though I can’t stand Tayla. Henrietta “Etta” and Isolde are gorgeous and just the right amount of unusual πŸ™‚ Bianca Kate is quite nice, Esmae Olive is nice but the unnecessary ‘a’ is… unnecessary πŸ˜‰ Sophie Arizona I like because the middle name is unexpected. I love Alia, Eli and India-Grace, Lulu is lovely (my sister’s name, and I’m Jess), Melanie Xanthe is weird, I just think Xanthe is such an unusual yet modern-sounding name (I mean, I know it has “ancient roots” or whatever, but it seems to be used more now than ever) and Melanie sounds kind of “old-fashioned” (from the 60s/70s). Lily-Belle Rose is nice but almost too pretty, Kate Isabelle is pretty and understated, Harriet, Gulliver and Fletcher are lovely together.Harry David and Charlie William are nice but so overused. Ethan Francis, Mia and Ruby are nice together, Edward Nico and Holly are lovely, Louis Bernard and Annie are gorgeous (I say Louis Loo-wee and Lewis Loo-wis), Charlie James, Oliver Jackson, Toby, Liam and Tara are nice (except for Liam :S). Henry James Miles is nice, as is Leo William Xavier. Baxter kind of makes me laugh, it just sounds comical. Nixon James and Bruno interesting, I really like Bruno. Oscar Henry, Poppy and Quinn are gorgeous.

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