Name for today- April 21st

By pareeerica


Forest is a boys name.

It is said  FAWR-əst.

A forest is an area dense with trees.

The word “forest” was borrowed by Middle English from Old French forest, itself a borrowing of the Medieval Latin phrase forestem silvam“the outer woods (Wikipedia)

A famous Forest is Forest Gump, who is played by Tom Hanks in the movie titled Forest Gump.

Forest is a word name and a green choice for nature lovers! It conjures images of both beauty and strength to me.

Variants/Nicknames: Forrest.

Comments on Forest:

I love this name for both genders, I know a boy who’s in his 20’s named Forest.

— tigerlilly 2/27/2007

A little strange because it’s a ‘word’ name, but I like it.

— -Julia- 8/1/2009


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    Coralie said,

    A bit too word-y for me, personally, though I do think that Forest has a nice sound. Better in the middle, maybe…

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