Christchurch Streets starting with E inspiration..

Ebony (st)

Eden (pl)

Edison (pl)

Edmond (st)

Edna (st)

Edron (pl)

Electra (pl)

Ellery (st)

Elvira (ct)

Elwyn (pl)

Emerald (ln)

Emerson (st)

Emlyn (pl)

Erin (cres)

Ethne (st)

Eveleyn … (ave)

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  1. 1

    Coralie said,

    I love E names!


    I think that Edmond’s the only one that I would consider, though. Electra’s more of a guilty pleasure… I prefer Elettra, but I doubt that I’d use that, either… As for Elvira, I think of Elvira Madigan, and I’m not exactly wild about the Elv- beginning, though I do think that the name is pretty. Emlyn might come off as tryndee and yooneek, despite the fact that it’s a legit name.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      What are your most favourite e names?
      Elettra is pretty, Electra makes me think of porn and I don’t know why!
      Elvira makes me think of Elves, who is Elvira Madigan?
      Emlyn is probably destined to fit into the Ashlyn, Madelyn, Brooklyn category you are right! I do like the Em beginning though 🙂

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