Ashburton Births & New bubs

Cooper Lauren

Reon James & Travis Jack

Corbin Andrew- Mikayla & Lara

Ashley Yvonne

Gloria- Israel, Aidan, Nathaniel & Hazel

Hannah Leigh-Jacob, Oliver & Kate

Parents centre new bubs

Renee, Alice, Lucy, Bradley, Arlo, Emma, Callum, Mac, Katie & Casey

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    Sophia said,

    Cooper Lauren is funny, not just because it’s an unusual name to hear on a girl, but also one of the characters on The Catherine Tate Show (sooo funny!) is called Lauren Cooper. Reon is interesting, kind of sounds like Leon mispronounced though. Gloria is practically unheard of these days. I like Israel, Aidan, Nathaniel and Hazel.
    Alice, Lucy and Arlo are lovely 🙂

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