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Emery is a boys and girls name.

It is said EM-ə-ree.

It is derived from Old High German “Emmerich’’ which means ruler/power/wealth or inspired by the surname Emery.

It was bought to Britian as a given name for boys and girls by the Normans.

Emery Hope is Angie Harmon & Jason Sehorn’s third daughter, she has two sisters Finley Faith & Avery Grace.

Emery is a mineral.


#372 in Canada (Alberta)  #744 in United States

Variants/Nicknames: Almericus, Almery, Amerigo, Emory,  Amory, Emerick, Emericus, Emerson, Emil, Emilio, Emlyn, Imre, Emry.

Comments on Emery:

I love this name for a little boy. It works great as a middle name.

— dani_08 7/25/2006

I prefer this name for a boy. It is a nice masculine sounding name.

— Anonymous User  9/11/2006

I like the name Emery! I prefer it on a boy. Although I know people have been using it on girls which isn’t bad. It’s just a masculine name to me that does have enough sensitivity in it to use for a girl. But I just prefer it on a boy!

— EgYpTiAn PrInCeSs 1/17/2007


The Best Baby Name Book by Sue Nicholson.

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  1. 1

    Coralie said,

    I prefer Emery on a boy as well. On a girl, it’s not quite my cup of tea, but not bad at all. 🙂 The name is similar to Emily, though, so I can see how it sounds sort of feminine.

    As for Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn’s sibset, I think that Emery and Avery are a bit too close…

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      I agree and I think Avery, Emery & Finley are all better on boys! 🙂 I like Em names for boys, Emerson, Emilio, Emmett, Emrys and Emery.

  2. 6

    Sophia said,

    Emery is alright but I think it kind of sounds like Emily said in a mockingly Chinese way… you know? Finley, Avery and Emery are a bit too matchy and I think Finley and Avery are both better on boys. Avery is my favourite boys’ name at the moment 🙂

    • 7

      babynamelover said,

      I like Avery too especially after theres something thing on Greys called Harper Avery award. I like both Harper and Avery on boys 🙂 what is your favourite girls at the moment? 🙂

      • 8

        Sophia said,

        I like Avery for a boy and Harper for a girl 🙂
        Right now my favourite girls’ names are Eve, Millarose (I kind of made it up from Milla and Rose, clearly haha), Florence, Wren, Constance, Sasha, Samara, Edie and Alice. What about you? What names are your latest favourites?

      • 9

        babynamelover said,

        Milarose is interesting how do you say it? 🙂
        Sasha on a boy or a girl? I have been loving Alice too 🙂
        Edie shot for Edith?

        Nora and Fergus for me 🙂

  3. 10

    Sophia said,

    Millarose you say just like Milla Rose but it’s all in one word. Sasha for a girl (you asked me about girls’ names only 😉 …though I like it on a boy too) and yeah I quite like Edith as well as just Edie 🙂

    For boys I liked Avery, Wilder, Arlo, Raphael and Finn.
    Nora and Fergus are lovely 🙂 One of my best friends is called Nora Elisabeth.

    • 11

      babynamelover said,

      The book I am reading the author is Sacha. I like Wilder, Arlo Avery & Raphael too! We have similar taste I think 🙂

      • 12

        Sophia said,

        Yay! It’s so cool to find someone who has the same taste in names as me, AND who liked to discuss them! Quite rare amongst people my age/my friends. Although my best friend love to discuss names too 🙂 Her favourites are Xanthe and Edith for girls.

      • 13

        babynamelover said,

        It is quite a strange passion! some people think its cool others don’t get it! Its nice to find someone who gets it! Xanthe is lovely!

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