Thinking about middles…

Here is what my ponderings.

Alice Isabella Alice, Libby Alice, Phoebe Alice, Lola Alice, Juliet Alice.

Audrey- Isla Audrey, Hannah Audrey, Madison Audrey.

Ada- Ruby Ada, Scarlett Ada, Bailey Ada, Willow Ada.

Briony- Ella Briony, Mia Briony, Esther Briony, Lucia Briony, Grace Briony.

Betty- Matilda Betty, Laura Betty, Iris Betty, Ella Betty.

Bay- Amelia Bay, Stella Bay, Natalie Bay, Cassandra Bay.

Clara- Sophie Clara, Lily Clara, Evelyn Clara, Phoebe Clara.

Cora- Lucy Cora, Evelyn Cora, Rachel Cora.

Coco- Stella Coco, Bella Coco, Anna Coco.

Cleo- Emily Cleo, Brooke Cleo, Esther Cleo, Ella Cleo.

Dot- Gabriella Dot, Eliza Dot.

Daphne- Ella Daphne, Kate Daphne, Lola Daphne.

Dixie- Eva Dixie, Stella Dixie.

Eula– Grace Eula, Violet Eula.

Elsa- Kate Elsa, Lauren Elsa, Amy Elsa.

Eloise- Ruby Eloise, Rebecca Eloise, Willow Eloise.

Faye- Olivia Faye, Holly Faye, Bella Faye, Penelope Faye.

Fern- Harriet Fern, Bella Fern, Lucia Fern.

Greta- Emily Greta, Evelyn Greta, Ella Greta.

Hazel- Lucy Hazel, Ava Hazel, Una Hazel, Caitlin Hazel.

Honor- Amelia Honor, Violet Honor.

Inez- Sophie Inez, Lauren Inez, Lucia Inez, Courtney Inez.

June- Charlotte June, Phoebe June, Amber June.

Kitty- Annabel Kitty, Delilah Kitty.

Lula- Elizabeth Lula, Phoebe Lula, Penelope Lula.

Maisie- Annabel Maisie, Brianna Maisie, Ella Maisie.

Molly- Charlotte Molly, Caitlin Molly.

Nell- Emily Nell, Phoebe Nell.

Nola- Lucy Nola, Caitlin Nola, Amy Nola, Courtney Nola.

Opal- Lucy Opal, Margaret Opal.

Pip- Emily Pip, Samantha Pip.

Polly- Ella Polly, Jasmine Polly, Mikayla Polly.

Sylvie- Eva Sylvie, Anna Sylvie.

Thea- Lily Thea, Willow Thea.

Una- Kate Una, Claire Una.

Willa- Harriet Willa, Phoebe Willa.

Zara- Emily Zara, Jasmine Zara, Amy Zara.

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    Sophia said,

    Guess what? The Game! (I’m sorry for clogging your site, it’s just late at night and I need something to do haha)

    Alice X 3 (1. sister Isabel; 2. sister Clare and brothers Rob and Brad; 3. brother Henry and sister Greta)
    Audrey (brother Ronan)
    Ada (brother Monty)
    Bay (spelled Bei though, brother Kip)
    Coco X 2 (sister Hetty Anna; the other one has a twin sister called Phoenix)
    Cleo (sister Fernanda)
    Eloise (brother Daniel)
    Greta X 2 (1. sisters Heidi and Ella; 2. brother Henry and sister Alice)
    Hazel (brothers Oscar and Spike)
    Inez (sister Nina and brother Lenny)
    Kitty (brother Tady)
    Maisie (she spells it with a ‘z’ though, middle name Joy and brothers Rainer and Reuben)
    Molly X 4(1. brother Evan; 2. brothers Andrew and Tom; 3. brother d’Arcy; 4. sister Mabel)
    Nell (middle name Bridget, sisters Lucy and Harriet)
    Polly (only child)
    Sylvie (only child)
    Thea (full name Theabella, brother Jack and Harley)
    Zara X 3 (1. middle name Kate, baby sibling but I’m not sure of sex/name; 2. brother Albert; 3. sister Bella)

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