Ashburton Births May

Ruby Isla- Jack & Poppie

Thomas William- Harry & Emily

Luke Antoni

Lachlan Jake- Lucy

Riley James- Holly

Riley James- Abbey & Georgia

Amelia Cate- Anton

Danielle Lois- Maddi, Charlotte & Jack

Nyomi & Kara (twins) + Sekali

Cara Susan- Mae, Tom & Ruby

Margaret Rose (named by Dad)

Ava Jaimes

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    Sophia said,

    Jack, Poppie and Ruby Isla are absolutely gorgeous, I also like Riley James (funny that there are two!), Amelia Cate and Ava Jaimes.

  2. 4

    Young Christian Woman said,

    Love: Ruby, Thomas William, Luke Antoni, Lachlan (& Lucy), Danielle, Georgia (sister)
    Best of all is this sibset: Mae, Tom, Ruby, and Cara Susan. If Tom is Thomas, these are all gorgeous names.

    Nyomi & Kara would be awesome if Naomi were spelled this way.

    James and Rose are great middle names.

    Tired of Isla, Harry, Emily, Riley, Maddi, Charlotte, Jack, Amelia, middle names Jake and Cate.

    Changing the spelling of Poppie just makes it seem like a grandpa instead of a flower.

    Ava’s okay but I don’t like nontraditional spellings (Jaimes). I don’t mind the boys-names-on-girls if it’s a family name in the middle slot, though.

    • 5

      babynamelover said,

      I agree Mae, Tom, Ruby & Cara are gorgeous!
      I think Poppie looks like Poopie!
      I don’t like boys names on girls fullstop hehe.

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