The Herald


Cohen Asher & Kason Elijah

Stefan Petar- Karlos & Iva

Cameron Eoin- Kieran

Evan Joseph- Austin

Bradley Michael- Sebastian

Frederik Nikolas- Jessica & Henrik

Eamon Robert- Erica & Ethan

Griffin Anthony


Jake Tipene

Isac Michael

Alexander James & Finlay Mackenzie- Maddie

Walter Pentecost- Henry, Isaac & Leo

Marcus Tom Elon- Leeland

Annabel Thora- Olivia & Pippa

Maria Evelyn Maddalena

Summer Caroline Alice

Anahera Poro

Lily Clementine

Heidi Kim


Saige Elizabeth Naui- Lincoln & Sadie

Harmony Keana- Trinity & Skylar (g)

Talulah Leilani

Anouk Elisabeth- Xavier

Cadence Nevaeh

Jessie Elizabeth- Josh, Connor, Jackson & Emma

Isabella Florence

Kate Margaret Ena- Brooke

Naomi Isobel Eve

Lucy Elizabeth- Poppy & Flynn

Sophie Antoinette- Alyx & Paige

Nashaia Elizabeth- Logan, Kiara & Marius


Julian & Dio (g)

Nathan, Lauren & Jack.

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  1. 1

    Sophia said,

    I love:
    Cohen Asher
    Alexander James and Finlay Mackenzie
    Olivia, Pippa and Annabel Thora
    Summer Caroline Alice
    Lily Clementine (so lovely!)
    Xavier and Anouk
    Isabella Florence (I’ve been loving Florence lately)
    Poppy, Flynn and Lucy

    Walter Pentecost is wacky but kind of cute, especially with Henry, Isaac and Leo.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      What do you think about Florence about front?
      I like Pippa & Annabel together but Olivia is so overused Olive would be nice 🙂
      Do you prefer Julian or Jude?

      • 3

        Sophia said,

        I like Florence anywhere 🙂 The only person I’ve ever met with that name is a woman I met in France. Her kids were called Lila (pronounced Lee-la) and Ilyan (boy; pronounced Il-ee-ahn), which I thought were very cute.
        I agree, Olive is much nicer than Olivia, but I don’t mind Olivia with Pippa and Annabel.
        I think I prefer Julian (it’s my uncle’s name by the way) but I prefer Jude to Jules.

      • 4

        babynamelover said,

        Lee-la sounds different, do you know what the traditional pronounciation is? I like Ly-luh.

  2. 5

    Young Christian Woman said,

    Really like:
    Evan Joseph – Austin (Evan and Austin aren’t my absolute favorites, but it’s a handsom pairing, and I love Joseph)
    Griffin Anthony
    Silas (one of my favorites)
    Bradley Michael – Sebastian (Names in the style of Bradley have been growing on me)
    Alexander James (his brother and sister’s names I’m not fond of)
    Isabella Florence
    Naomi Isobel Eve (Not the form of Isobel I prefer, but Naomi Eve is darling)
    Lucy Elizabeth (two grandma names for our family! Flynn is handsome; Poppy was cute and quirky at first but clearly has been way overdone where you are.)
    Frederik Nikolas – Henrik (Don’t care for Jessica though… which is my name. This is a nice pair though, if a bit too matchy for my taste.)

    Cohen Asher & Kason Elijah (don’t care for first names, love the middles)

    Stefan Petar- Karlos & Iva (Interesting. Never seen Petar. Assume these are all ethnic spellings.)

    Eamon Robert- Erica & Ethan (Not a huge fan of the all-the-same-letter thing. These are solid, but not names I’d choose)

    Isac Michael (I’d like it much better as Isaac Michael)

    Walter Pentecost- Henry, Isaac & Leo (Not a huge fan of Walter or Leo, but Pentecost makes a really awesome middle name.)

    Marcus Tom Elon- Leeland (Leeland and Marcus is neat. I don’t like nicknames like Tom as given names (first or middle) and it seems even stranger to have them in the middle. Elon I’m not familiar with.)

    Annabel Thora- Olivia & Pippa (Not bad names but I gather they’re all quite popular where you are. I’ve always prefered Annabelle)

    Maria Evelyn Maddalena (Maria Evelyn is nice; I’m so tired of all the Maddie names though)

    Summer Caroline Alice (Summer’s nice; Caroline and Alice aren’t ones that appeal to me)

    Lily Clementine (I do like Lily; so popular though. Don’t get the appeal of Clementine.)

    Heidi Kim (Seems very odd somehow….)

    Nia (very… short)

    Saige Elizabeth Naui- Lincoln & Sadie (Like Elizabeth and Lincoln. Prefer Sage to Saige; also Saige looks too close to Sadie, which is a nickname to me and an old one at that.)

    Harmony Keana- Trinity & Skylar (g) (Not fond of Skylar for girls. Trinity and Harmony are nice; Trinity’s on my list. Keana I’m undecided on.)

    Talulah Leilani (Pretty. Like the Tallulah spelling more.)

    Anouk Elisabeth- Xavier (Not sure about Anouk, but like Elisabeth and Xavier)

    Cadence Nevaeh (Cadence is nice; Nevaeh… I go back and forth on. I see the appeal, but remain opposed.)

    Sophie Antoinette- Alyx & Paige (Very French, which is kind of neat. Don’t care for Alyx or Paige, though)

    Nashaia Elizabeth- Logan, Kiara & Marius (Never seen Nashaia before. Kiara is interesting but is either manipulated or made up. Marius is really interesting to see though.

    BOY & GIRL

    Julian & Dio (g) (Like Julian; unsure on Dio.)

    Nathan, Lauren & Jack. (Well, that’s…. boring.)

  3. 6

    Sophia said,

    I think in English-speaking countries it’s almost always Lye-luh, but in France they tend to stretch out the i’s in words, so they say Lee-la. I s’pose haha.

    • 7

      babynamelover said,

      Oh thanks for clearing that up 🙂 I know a Amelie with thing over e and a Mille just born I haven’t met her yet how do you say it? Mille that is?

      • 8

        Sophia said,

        I’m not too sure, maybe like Milly? I saw a Mille in the paper a while ago, her newborn brother was called Lykke 😉

      • 9

        babynamelover said,

        Omg hehe. Mille is being pronounced Me-luh.

  4. 10

    Sophia said,

    That pronunciation is very pretty 🙂
    I met a little boy once with the same name, though I think it was written ‘Mile’, maybe with an accent on the e? His mum was pregnant at the time but I have no idea what they named the baby.

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