Name for today- 13th April

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Dante is a boys name.

It is said DAHN-te.

It is the Medieval short form of DURANTE.

Or the Italian “durare’’ which means to be endure and be patient.

A famous Dante is Dante Alighieri who was an Italian poet who lived in the Middle Ages.


  • #178 in Canada (British Columbia)
  • #216 in Canada (Alberta)
  • #291 in United States
  • #490 in Canada (Quebec)

Comments on Dante:

This is the ONLY name my husband and I agreed on for our son…and I LOVE IT!! It suits him!

miss_mills says: As soon as we saw our little fella, we knew he was a Dante. The only problem with his beautiful name in our experience so far (he’s nearly one) is that a LOT of people seem to think there’s an “O” in Dante and mispronounce his name. I’m not sure where this came from but it’s NOT the correct pronunciation, I feel like adding an ‘H’ after the ‘A’ so people get it! It really drives us nuts but slowly people seem to be learning that he is Dante and not Donte (which sounds awful).

I think Dante is one of the most beautiful names ever. I sounds so soft. LOVE it!

— Anonymous User  10/8/2006

I have identical twins brothers Danté and Luke! But people never get the pronunciation correct! They call him Dann-tee! Or Diane-te! That is why we added the dash over the e! And a nickname that seems to have stuck is Dan the Man!

— Anonymous User  11/16/2007

I love this name so much! If I ever have a son (I like it for a girl too, so either way) I’m definitely naming him this. Devil May Cry kind of made me love the name more, because Dante’s amazing. But, still, this name is beautiful 🙂 I love it.

— VampireTears 1/21/2009

I love this name. It has a sort of melancholy ring to it, and it sounds simultaneously strong and sensitive. Great literary connotation, as well.

— Athena Nike 3/8/2010


The Best Baby Name Book by Sue Nicholson.


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  1. 1

    Young Christian Woman said,

    I’ve always liked the sound of this one; the meaning is great too.

    There’s a little boy in my church with this name–3ish. I don’t know his siblings’ names but there’s a lot of them.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      I worry a little that its slightly feminine sounding and it might head to the girls. It reminds me of Christmas time and I’m not sure why…

  2. 3

    Sophia said,

    I know a Dante but he’s an only child so I have no sibling names to share.

  3. 4

    Coralie said,

    Dante’s great! 🙂 I kind of know one… It’s actually his middle name, though… (Julian Dante Lastname, and I think he was named after his dad, but I’m not positive on that…).

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