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Some Advice for Middle Names:
Ann(e) try: Annika, Annelise, Annabel, Annette, Anita, Anais,or a name that ends in -ann, such as Marianne, Vivianne etc.
Lynn(e) try: Linnea, Linda, Lynnette, Linnell, Linnet, Melinda, Belinda, or a name that ends in -lyn, such as Madelyn, Evelyn etc.
Marie try: Mariel, Marisse, Marisa, Mireille (mee RAY), Mireia (mee RAY a), Maria, Maureen, Mara, Maren, Maura
Jane try: Jean Joan, Joanne, Joanna, Janelle, Jeannette, Janine, Jana, Ivana, Sinead, Siobhan, Janna
Rose try: Suzanne, Susannah (both names mean ‘rose’), Rosette, Rosa, Roseanne, Rosalie, Rosaleen, Rosaline, Rosalyn, Rosemarie, Rosemary
Lee/Leigh try: Liana, Leanne, Leela, Leila, Julie, Jolie, Leena, Leah, Carly, or another name that begins or ends in Lee.


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    appellationmountain said,

    The trouble is that parents who gravitate towards middle names like Lynne, Lee an Jane are often looking for a short, one-syllable name. Either because it’s their style, or because they have a long first/long last name.

    I love some of these in the middle spot, but I suspect parents considering Lynne or Rose might consider Blythe or Wren, Sloane or Blair, but would be less interested in Janelle or Melinda. (And honestly, I’m not clear that either of those names qualify as cool circa 2010.)

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      babynamelover said,

      Or just because its a filler! or because thats what everyone else does and because its a common one and is heard lots it sounds good with most first names.
      We do see these middles change with each generation so they obvisously have some degree to do with popularity.
      Janelle and Melinda will come back round again probably just as Rose and Grace were popular first names many moons ago.
      I love family names as middles and think it gives a child some connection and grounding to their loved ones 🙂

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    Young Christian Woman said,

    I like family middle names too… I chose Jane for my daughter’s middle name out of family tradition, not because it’s filler. The names I tend to like best, though, for girls, tend to be Biblical names (or Biblically inspired), or family names. For girls I tend to prefer the longer name first, so I end up with Rebecca Ruth, Trinity Grace, Hannah Jane, but the middle names do have meaning. I find it really hard to pair a short first name with a middle name… say, Eve. All I can think of to go with Eve is Marie… which is a boring combo to me, and Marie is also a filler middle name (though it was my grandma’s middle name). Two names ending in -a often doesn’t work (though I have had Leah Martha under serious consideration for a while), and almost any two syllable name ending in -y or -ie sounds like a nickname to me. Two short names doesn’t flow the best either (Joy Grace, Pearl May, Rose Faith).

    So I think it’s just a naming style where most people choose a longer, more complicated first name, and want a short, pretty middle name to balance it out, and there’s only so many short, pretty middle names (which do fluctuate in popularity). Where I am, I think Grace and Rose are probably most common, and maybe Jane… but Rose and Jane are family names (but maybe they are for everyone).

    For boys’ names, most of the ones I like are longer, and I don’t mind having the short name in the front if there is a short one (John Ernest, Bram Hezekiah, Shem Mark) so I don’t run into the problem as much, it seems.

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      babynamelover said,

      What about a longer middle with Eve; Eve Rebecca, Eve Hannah, Eve Miriam, Eve Margaret…
      I agree about two names ending in a not working for firsts and middles! Martha Leah flows better to me than Leah Martha.
      Some short are okay like Lucy May, Ella Beth, Bella Alice, Amy Jo.
      Bram Hezekiah is lovely!
      Middle names from our own or our parents tend to sound dated whereas our Grandparents or Great grandparents can sound fresh 🙂

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