Name for today-April 11

By John Griffiths


Cullen is a boys name.

It is said KUL-ən.

In Celtic it means young animal and in Middle English to cull or pick out.

Popularity: #781 in United States

Variants/Nicknames: Cull, Culley, Cullie, Cullin.

Comments on Cullen.

have a son named Cullen. I named him this because my sister and my mom begged me to after Edward Cullen from the Twilight sega. I love the name and am very glad I named him Cullen!!

The name is sometimes mistakingly pronouced “Colin” because it is much more popular as a first name. Once people see the spelling or are corrected, they get it pretty quickly. People seem to like the name very much. We named my son Cullen and I think when he was younger, say before 13, it was a little frustrating to him. I told him to politely correct the mispronounciations and he started to do that. I’m pretty happy we named him Cullen. Cullen is a well known last name in Houston, the Cullen Family, Cullen Blvd., Cullen Frost Bank, Cullen Auditorium. The Cullen family is a wealthy Houston oil family. Also, T. Cullen Davis, an oil millionaire in Ft. Worth.

The boy’s name Cullen \c(ul)-len\ is pronounced KULL-en. It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is “good-looking lad; handsome”. Poet William Cullen Bryant.

Cullen has 3 variant forms: Cullan, Cullin and Cullinan.

— Anonymous User  5/26/2010


The Best Baby Name Book by Sue Nicholson.


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