Naming a baby in utero

I’m really intrigued by this, were you someone who had baby’s name picked out shortly after you saw that magic line or maybe even before when you discussed names way back when you first fell in love.

If you have named your baby in utero- were you certain that this baby would suit the name as it was so familiar to you or that they would grow in to it?

For others who have waited for when they meet baby, how did you choose? how long did it take?


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    Sophia said,

    When my parents found out my mum was pregnant with my littlest sister they picked out Scarlett for a girl and Jethro for a boy and it was set from then. So when she came out and we saw she was a girl we all knew her name was Scarlett.

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      babynamelover said,

      I guess for older children it can make the new arrival seem more real?

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        Sophia said,

        Yeah, that’s definitely true. Especially if the parents find out the sex of the baby, ’cause then they can refer to the baby by its name from early on and get the older kids “involved”.
        PS Some yummy sibsets to report back on πŸ˜‰
        Vida and Zev
        Rufus and Phaedra
        Indiana (boy), Henry, Ezekiel, Ruby, Noah and Scarlett
        Tenzin, Esther and Ceridwen
        A little boy called Sweeney πŸ™‚

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        babynamelover said,

        Vida & Zev are lovely!
        I like Henry, Ruby & Noah not so much the others.
        Esther & Ceridwen are nice as sisters.
        Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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    Young Christian Woman said,

    I love names, and I have about 6 more that I have to use and then a bunch more after that I’d like to use….

    We picked our children’s names before birth… before conception really. I had wanted to give our daughter the name Hannah Jane since very early in our marriage. Hannah I liked because of the Bible story; Jane is a family name (my middle name, my mom’s middle name, her mom’s middle name, and her mom’s first name) that I had always planned to give to my firstborn.

    When Hannah was born, she didn’t look like a Hannah to me. I didn’t recognize her–somehow I expected to. We considered going with something else, but we decided that she would be to us whatever name we chose, and we might regret not using the name we loved. We have Rebecca planned for our second daughter (I didn’t think she looked like a Rebecca either), and the other name I thought might suit her was Mara. Mara Jane is also close to Mara Jade, a Star Wars name. I actually wasn’t sure about my decision for quite a while, especially as I heard over and over again, “Oh, I know a Hannah” (only one Miley Cyrus reference though). But now, she’s two, and I do think her name suits her–though Mara might too. But I can’t imagine her as a Rebecca or a Mara. My tastes have changed a bit to preference family names more, so were I doing it over again, I’d probably choose Rebecca Jane (Rebecca is my sister’s name). But I don’t regret naming her Hannah.

    When we were pregnant with Hannah, at first we weren’t sure about passing on my husband’s name, because things did get confusing for his father and him. We picked two Biblical names: Josiah Daniel. One day, though, my husband decided he did want a Peter, so we decided on Peter Immanuel (he is Peter Sidney, Jr.) with the intent of using Pi for a nickname.

    Second time around, we were fairly sure for a boy–Peter Sidney III. (We did spend quite a bit of energy trying to come up with a nickname, though.) For a girl, we wanted Rebecca. We started with Rebecca Ruth (I like the Bible story and meaning) but switched to Rebecca May (May is my mother-in-law’s middle name and her mother-in-law’s middle name). I agonized over the meaning or lack thereof, though, and considered Rebecca Rose (Rose is my sister’s middle name), Rebecca Lucy (Lucy is my husband’s other grandmother’s first name), Rebecca Virginia (my husband’s deceased half-sister, who died before his dad married his mom), Rebecca Grace, Rebecca Faith, Rebecca Joy (like the meanings), Rebecca Charity (my sister-in-law is Cheri), Charity Rose, Charity Rebecca, Charity Virginia, Virginia Rebecca, Virginia Charity…. We probably would have ended up using Rebecca May, or maybe Rebecca Lucy. But we got our son, Peter III. And we call him… Peter. None of the dozen or so nicknames we tried seem to stick. Is it confusing? Heck yes. Especially at Grandpa and Grandma’s house. But I love his name and had no regret.

    Right now, if/when we have another, we want to use Rebecca May or Benjamin Mark (Benjamin is my husband’s brother; Mark is my dad’s middle name).

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      babynamelover said,

      Thanks for sharing your stories! I have become really fond of Benjamin it is just so popular, maybe it would work in the middle spot, although like you we want to honour family members with our children’s middle names. Mara is very pretty. I have a cousin called Hannah, she is younger than me so we have Anna & Hannah within our family.Virginia Rebecca is pretty, Virginia Lucy Ruth would be lovely πŸ™‚

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    Young Christian Woman said,

    With Benjamin I had thought of using Jamie, but my husband thought that was too feminine. Right now we are thinking we’ll use Jamin as a nickname, with a long a.

    My husband also has a cousin named Anna, but he has quite a few cousins.

    I am probably not going to end up using Ruth, and my last name is Cooper, so I don’t think Lucy Ruth is a good option at all. I probably will use (if I have enough children) Rhoda Lucy and Elizabeth Susan after our four grandmothers. Still not sure how my father-in-law would feel about our using Virginia either. I would want to call her Ginger.

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      babynamelover said,

      I knew a boy called Jamin I think he was chinese if I remember rightly. I like Benji and Ben a lot I think Reuben gives you Ben too.
      Ginger is very cool πŸ™‚ Why is Lucy Ruth not good with Cooper? Rhoda means Rose right? thats quite an old name…. I like Rhea which means Poppy which is same kind of feel. Susanna is pretty, I have a friend her sibset is Sarah, Anna & Susan.

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