Name for today- April 4th

 By Marlèned


Casimir is a boys name.

It is said KAZ i meer.

It comes from the Polish Kazimier which means announcement of peace.

King Casimir IV choose celibacy over marriage.

Four Kings of Poland have beared this name.

Popularity:  BOYS

Variants/Nicknames: Casey, Cass, Cassie, Cassy, Kazimier, Casmir, Kazmer, Casimiro, Kazimiro, Kázmé.

Comments on Casimir:

It’s origin is Polish and it is sometimes considered to mean peacemaker. However, it is comprised of two Slavic words; kazic “to destroy” and mir “peace” or alternately mer “great. With this interpetation it means literally “Great Destroyer/Destroyer of Peace”. It was especially popular among Polish immigrants in the early 1900s in the United States.

It took me a few minutes to let it sink in, but after better understanding the pronunciation, and thinking about all the potential middle names to go along with it, I’m really starting to find a warm spot for it. What a nice (elegant) name!

— Athena_skye 8/29/2006


The Best Baby Name Book by Sue Nicholson.

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  1. 1

    Sophia said,

    Wow, that’s fantastic! What a cool name!

  2. 5

    Sophia said,

    I’ve been pretty good thanks 🙂 I’m in the middle of Year 12 though, I just can’t wait for it to be over so I can get out into the world and not have to worry about five billion assignments and seventeen different folios (not really, but quite a few). How are you?

    • 6

      babynamelover said,

      I remember what it was like its pretty full on! what are you going to do once you finish? Its my Brothers year 13 this year.
      I’m good have had a whole week of rain with the littlies has been a real learning curve!

      • 7

        Sophia said,

        Once I’ve finished I’m packing up and going to America, well as soon as I’ve saved enough money. I have friends and kind of step-family (step-mum’s family) over there, in New York state, so it should be a lot of fun 🙂 I don’t really know what I want to *do* yet, as in a career, but I’m not too keen on uni at the moment. Maybe once I’ve finished school and had some time to just relax and not have to worry about deadlines and assignments and bodies of work I’ll be able to make a decision about further study. At the moment though it sounds like hell haha.
        PS Here are some names from today’s scour through old births and deaths:
        Mincarlie, Shayote, Willow and Leif
        Ngaire, Coetzee and Cleopatra
        Ostinn, Cade, Hussayn and Laylah
        Ualani, Kiara, Rykih and Georgia
        Atticus, Zane and Archer
        Rohan and Adelaine
        Ilka, Sophia and Ava
        Ingrid, Xavier and Merlin
        Saffron, Alba and Jonas
        Lucy and Finnegan
        Diezal and Amberlee
        Ayva, Karis and Neve
        Rudy, Thierry and Sunday
        Tennyson and Carrington
        Reid and Griff
        Elvira, Joshua, Flame and baby Alice
        Coda Irene
        Matilda Rose and Evelyn Mimi
        Taiquin, Cooper, Luca and Archie
        Concetta, Elena, Grazia and Italia
        Zolie, Zakota and Zaiden (my personal “favourite” (aka so tacky I want to spew))
        Piper, Annabelle and Violet
        Teya, Elias and Aristotle
        Sterling O’Hara

      • 8

        babynamelover said,

        Sounds like a plan!
        Coetzee is interesting!
        Saffron, Alba & Jonas is nice 🙂
        Rudy, Thierry are nice I presume Sunday is a girl.
        Flame is very weird alongside Alice & Elvira!
        Evelyn Mimi is lovely!

  3. 9

    Sophia said,

    Coetzee may well be after the author J.M. (I think those are the initials?) Coetzee. Otherwise, it’s a pretty crazy coincidence, with the spelling and all. I think Rudy, Thierry and Sunday are really nice and interesting too.

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