Christchurch Press March Births


Connor Lucas (Jacob)

Tom Arnold (Mackinnon)

Jasper Alexander (Oliviah)

George Gordon (Charlie)

Ned William (Charlie)

Freddy John (Archie)

Leroy Jamie

Tenari Patrick (Michael, Jonnie)

Matthew Francis (James)

Theo Malcolm

Jethro Thomas (Kahu)

Hector John

Jordae Wiremu

Arlo Alexander- Jake

Cash Alec

Tai William (Treya, Telson)

Baxter Simon

Tihema Cooper Tirikatene

Malachy Joel Ryan (Senan)

Zefferino Mark (Katie)


Addison Paige (Morgan g)

Harper Ruby

Liliana Christine (Flynn)

Violet Babara (Jake)

Brodie Cailin (Jade)



Milla Ann

Matilda Felica Mary (Poppy & Thea)

Briar Iris (Abby)

Phoebe Meg (Sophie)

Ruby Rose (Jessica, Emily, Isabel)

Tatum Paige

Pippa Jane (Brooke)

Violet Ruby (Stella)

Fleur Jessie (Oliver)

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  1. 1

    Sophia said,

    Mackinnon is unusual, Jasper Alexader is nice (I know a GORGEOUS little Jasper Alexander, siblings Fushia Corina, Nina Ophelia, Chloe and Charlie), Charlie and George is pretty cute, so are Archie and Freddy John. Tenari is interesting, Arlo Alexander is gorgeous, Treya, Telson and Tai are a bit…. much, Malachy Joel Ryan is nice, Zefferino is pre-tty cool! I LOVE Harper Ruby, Flynn and Liliana are nice (I hope they nickname her Lili), Jake and Violet are quite sweet, Milla Ann is little and cute, Poppy, Thea and Matilda are amazing, Briar Iris is interesting, Ruby Rose is nice (one of my best friends is called Ruby Rose, brother Joe, and there’s always the MTV VJ called Ruby Rose) but her sisters’ names are a bit boring, Pippa Jane is adorable, Stella and Violet Ruby are gorgeous and timeless, and I like Oliver and Fleur.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      Mackinnon is a maiden name (I “know” him)
      Does it worry you Jasper Alexander both end in er sound?
      Fushia is pretty out there compared to siblings!
      I like Zeb and Zed not so much Zef. (thinking of nicknames)
      Stella & Violet are lovely together even though I don’t like Stella so much.

      • 3

        Sophia said,

        Oh I see, I quite like that trend of giving babies maiden names, either as first names or middle names. Jasper Alexander… I don’t mind the double -er in this case, sometimes it irritates me, more for girls, like Isabella Samantha or something. I don’t really like Zeb or Zed… or Zef. I know a boy called Zephyros who gets Zeph or Zephy for a nickname. I guess it’s cute-ish, I dunno. I think Stella is nice if it’s on its own or in a sibset with timeless names like Violet rather than “trendy” names, you know? I know sisters called Stella and Sophia, sisters called Chloe, Amelia and Stella, brother and sister called Jack and Stella.

      • 4

        babynamelover said,

        Amelia & Stella are lovely!

  2. 5

    Sophia said,

    PS Just a couple of findings in Friday’s paper… Archie Lewis (Millie), Maeve, Scarlett Lily (Amelia Grace), Ruby Seong (Sasha, Callum and Spencer), Great-grandmother, grandmother and two granddaughters called, respectively, Ramona, Odette, Scarlett and Sahara, siblings called Lennox, Alaska and Milania, sisters called Tahlia, Tanisha and Tanaya, siblings called Harmony and Phoenix. Oh, and I met the little girls of the chef at my work, who are aged about two and three, and the younger one is called Phoenix. I’m not sure of the other girl’s name.

    • 6

      babynamelover said,

      Archie and Millie are quite nicknamey together. Ruby and Sasha are nice together wonder if Sasha is male?
      Quads? I don’t like Phoenix at all what about you?

      • 7

        Sophia said,

        Yeah, Archie and Millie are pretty nicknamey I guess, I still think they’re cute though 🙂 I like Sasha on a boy or a girl, more for a girl though.
        No? There were no quads? Which ones did you think were quads?
        I think Phoenix is kind of cute, I wouldn’t use it because it’s a bit too…. I dunno, a bit crazy and it can sounds a bit tacky. I’ve found a few in my adventures in the birth section, they are almost always boys (although I did come across a Phoenyx Olive) and they almost always have siblings with names like Mikayla, Bodhi (even though I like this name I still see it as a bit bogan haha), Shaun, Brooke, Adam, Zander and Dustin. I’m very curious to find out the name of the sister of the Phoenix I know.

      • 8

        babynamelover said,

        Umm four written together! Its so funny what names turn bogan sometimes you can’t predict them!

  3. 9

    Sophia said,

    PPS Came across the first Willoughby I’ve ever… “witnessed” today, on facebook. I thought you’d like to know because i know how you love the name Willoughby 🙂 He has a brother called Sam.

    • 10

      babynamelover said,

      Willoughby cool 🙂 Willoughby and Samson would be lovely bet its Samuel though! Sam & Will are nice as nicknames!

      • 11

        Sophia said,

        I am hoping it’s Samson too, Samson and Willoughby are awesome together. You’re right, it probably is Samuel though.

  4. 12

    Sophia said,

    PPPS In the birth announcements on Saturday: FIG AVA. Yep, Fig. Shocking.

  5. 16

    Sebastiane said,

    These are nice:

    Jasper Alexander

    Hector John

    Tai William (Treya, Telson)

    Zefferino Mark-awesome

    Harper Ruby

    Violet Babara



    Matilda Felica Mary (Poppy & Thea)

    Briar Iris

    Violet Ruby (Stella)

    Fleur Jessie (Oliver)

  6. 18

    Sophia said,

    Today I met a little boy called ACHLAN. Not Lachlan, but Achlan. Hmmm?

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