Name for today- 20th March


Ariel is both feminine and masculine.

It is said ah ree EHL.

It means lion of god in Hebrew.

Ariel in the bible was one of Ezra’s chief men.

It is the satellite of Uranus.

This name become common for girls after the movie by Disney “The little mermaid.”

Popularity:  BOYS #442 in Canada (Quebec), #570 in United States.

Variants/Nicknames: Arriel, Arie, Arial, Ariyel, Ari.

Comments on Ariel:

Traditionally Ariel is only used for boys. The female form would be Ariela.

— Miss Claire 12/5/2004

I really like this name as a male name, too bad the little mermaid gave it a feminine connotation. Another cool fact is that you have a girl’s name with an anagram of Ariel: Leira.

— Jeidy_mn 9/21/2006

This is one of my favourite names for a boy. I think it’s rather strong sounding, especially when you know the meaning.

— Anonymous User  5/30/2007


The Best Baby Name Book by Louise Nicholson.

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