Name for 6th March- Albertine


Albertine is a girls name, it is French, it is said “al-bert-teen.”

It is the feminine form of Albert, which comes from the German Adalbrecht which means bright through nobility.

Variants: Alberta, Albertina, Elberta, Elbertina, Elbertine.

Nicknames: Berta, Bertine, Albi, Ali, Bertie, Elba.

Albertine is an album by Brooke Fraser released in 2006

It is #489 in Norway.


The Best Baby Names Book by Louise Nicholson

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    Dearest said,

    While I have no particular love for Albertine, I do wonder where you get your Norwegian name stats from!?
    I’ve never been able to find a list that has the ratings of all the names used rather than just the top 40. I can only find a list where all the names are listed alphabetically with the number of girls/boys given that name…

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