Name for 26th February- Afina

Afina means blueberry in Rumanian. The Best Baby Name Book by Louise Nicholson.


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    Brooke said,

    Afina is cute. I also like Awhina, which is Maori for ‘help’.

    And I haven’t been visiting lately coz I don’t have the net at home so my internet time is stolen intervals at work when nobody’s watching lol. I read all your posts though, I just get time for my blogroll :P. Also the reason why I haven’t been blogging. No blogging + no BTN = severe lack of namenerdery. So I made an epic list of combos yesterday lo.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      I forgot about Awhina! that sucks you have no internet at home will you get it again? ooh I would love to see your list of epic combos 🙂

  2. 3

    Brooke said,

    I think I will get it at home – I’m going to be here for a couple of years now and will be studying so I’ll need the intertubes I think!

    I’ll post the epic list on my blog next tuime I get a chance! I was mostly playing with names I already like.

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