Name for 13th February- Tobias form of TOBIAH. This is the name of the hero of the apocryphal Book of Tobit in many English versions of the Old Testament. It relates how Tobias, with the help of the archangel Raphael, is able to drive away a demon who has been plaguing Sarah, who subsequently becomes his wife. This story was popular in the Middle Ages, and the name came into occasional use in parts of Europe at that time. In England it became common after the Protestant Reformation.

nameberry.comInternational Variations:Tevye (Hebrew) TeiveTubia (Yiddish)

Global Popularity of the Name Tobias
#2 in Austria
#6 in Norway
#14 in Denmark
#45 in Germany
#47 in Czech Republic
#304 in Canada (British Columbia)
#531 in United States



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  1. 1

    marilyn said,

    I like Tobias a lot. Does it have any nicknames you can think of, besides Toby of course?

  2. 3

    Sophia said,

    That’s funny, the actor Tobey Maguire’s son is Otis Tobias, I just thought of that when you mentioned how Otis could potentially be derived from Tobias.

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