Name for 30th January-Lucian

Romanian and English form of LUCIANUS (

A sleeker, more sophisticated version of Lucius, picked by Indie actorSteve Buscemi.International Variations:Lucien (French) Lucan (Irish) Luciano (Italian) Luciano (Portuguese)LucianoLucio (Spanish) (

Personal experiences with the name Lucian:

We named our son Lucian. The reaction to his name is usually favorable especially when they meet him.
My son is also named Lucian. The name means “light” and is a perfect fit for his cheerful and bright demeanor. When we first decided on his name, people were very negative saying it sounds too much like “Lucifer” or that it would be mispronounced as “lucy-ann”. But, once people meet Lucian (pronounced Loo-shin), he melts their hearts! (

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    Bewildertrix said,

    How dare you post that pic! I just saw Rise of the Lycans again last week and I rather fancy that actor. He’s also played Tony Blair and Robert Frost 😛

    In the third film, it’s said differently twice by one actor that I noticed. LOO shun and LOO see un. I could see it getting all sorts. It’s lovely though.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      Hehe 😛 I am trying to win hubby around I like it said LOO shun. 🙂 how your pregnancy going?

      • 3

        Bewildertrix said,

        I prefer that way also.

        26 weeks now. Generally I feel pretty good although, I was extremely close to ringing my midwife about an hour ago. Some very strong and very painful Braxton Hicks. Felt almost like the real deal and they were every 2 mins. I’m not normally one to panic but I was getting close!

        I also hate that she lives so far away. About a 40 min drive. If I was a midwife, I’d want to be as close to my area of work as possible :/

      • 4

        babynamelover said,

        Oh my gosh how scary! I would have been freaking! I was born at 32 weeks. How annoying your midwife is so far away, did you have quick labors with Conor & Isla?

  2. 5

    Alexandra said,

    Can we connect privately via email? I would like to know more about your experience with the name Lucian. My son has the same name but the pronountiation errors drive me crazy.

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