Name for 8th January- Caspian

Literature: Used by author C. S. Lewis for a character in his ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ series, first appearing in 1950. Prince Caspian first appears in the fourth book, where he is the rightful king of Narnia driven into exile by his evil uncle Miraz. Lewis probably based the name on the Caspian Sea, which was named for the city of Qazvin, which was itself named for the ancient Cas tribe. (


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    Laura said,

    You have had some fantstic ‘C’ names! Caspian is another of my favourites. I love the C.S.Lewis books they are so addictive. On ‘C’ names for boys I also like Caspar

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      babynamelover said,

      I have read the first two I am borrowing them off my sil I didn’t know “The lion the witch and the wardrobe” wasn’t the first! I am warming up to Caspar the image of the friendly ghost is slowing fading from my mind πŸ™‚ The actor who plays Prince Caspian was cute πŸ˜›

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