My sister Erin’s favourites age 10

She choose these all by herself by going through an entire baby name book when I was home over Christmas.

Top 5 (in no order she told me)

1. Arabella & Benedict

2. Lillian & Mathias

3. Esmeralda & Felix

4. Willamina & Eugene

5. Henrietta & Barnaby

Others on her lists

Gabriel, Theodore, Horace, Maximilian, Julian, Pascal, Trevor, Wallace, Keith, Lawrence, Noel, Augustus, Robin, Seamus, Addison, Caspian, Darcy, Douglas, Fabian, Gilbert, Grant & Harry.

Jacqueline, Tabitha, Jacinda, Latisha, Madeline, Marrisa, Muriel, Sienna, Ursula, Vera, Wisteria, Abigail, Cecilia, Cynthia, Dorothy, Freda, Gina, Heather, Heidi, India, Iris, Paige, Petunia & Roxanne.

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    Sophia said,

    That’s so cute! My little sisters won’t have any of my name “addiction” haha.
    I love that Erin likes Keith and Ursula. Her top names are really nice though!

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      I was so surprised! I thought she might like trendy names but she has lovely taste, infact we like several of the same names!
      Thats a shame 😦 sure you couldn’t squeeze out a top 5?
      Erin wrote them all into a notebook alphabetical pages! It was very touching! It was like she got me!
      My Brother started my baby name book collection he bought me three off Trade me last christmas now I own like 30 πŸ™‚

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        Sophia said,

        Sometimes I try to get a few favourites out of them, and I did manage to get quite a list out of my 14-year-old sister a while ago. We had a lot of parallels! I’ll try and find the list… found it!
        GIRLS: Lila, Olive, Winter, Lola, Sunday, Violet, Shiloh, June, Momo, Audrey, Edie, Amelie, Frankie, Matilda, Harlow, Lucia, Clementine, Iliah, Bluebell, Hetty, Frances, Mia, Zahara, Lotte, Ava and Isla.
        BOYS: Moses, William, Elias, Roman, Maddox, Kai, Alfie, Harry, Orlando, Alexander, Sascha, Ryder, Romeo and Samuel.
        I think she has a thing for celebrity baby names (Sunday, Violet, Shiloh, Matilda, Harlow, Bluebell, Zahara, Moses, Roman, Maddox, Ryder…)
        Oh wait! There are more on the back of the sheet! Only girls’ names though. Sophia, Norah, Imogen, Daisy, Sylvie, Harper, Tiger, Nevis and Honey.
        Let me know what you think.
        My littlest sister always says “I dunno!” when I ask her what names she likes. I think she likes cute, light, girly names, though, like Sadie and Daisy. I’ll re-ask her when I see her πŸ™‚

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        babynamelover said,

        Oh there are some really lovely ones, I like/love- Lila, Olive, Violet, Shiloh, Audrey, Matilda, Lucia, Clementine, Frances, Elias, Orlando, Norah, Imogen, Daisy, Sylvie & Honey! Very great taste your sister has πŸ™‚ okay πŸ™‚ I love hearing about peoples favourite names πŸ™‚

  2. 5

    Sophia said,

    And I just remembered my step-sister, who’s thirteen, told me some names she likes (she has very wacky taste in names) and they were Spike, Bear and Blue for boys and Rocket and Mars for girls.

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