More likely to meet a baby called… in 2008 NZ

Ava, Mia, Sienna, Isla, Stella, Eva, Bella, Isabelle, Peyton, Keira, Alexis, Millie, Aaliyah, Nevaeh, Gemma, Mya, Aria, Leah, Brooklyn, Lucia, Mackenzie, Poppy, Harmony, Manaia, Scarlett, Abby, Maya, Lilly, Riley, Hazel, Savannah, Natalie, Ayla.


Paris, Brittany, Megan, Rachel, Nikita, Claudia, Natasha, Brianna, Ashleigh, Monique, Michaela, Shannon, Cheyenne, Stephanie, Melissa, Jamie, Casey, Rebekah, Jessie, Michelle, Morgan, Tegan, Tiana, Renee, Julia, Kelsey, Alicia, Jennifer, Katelyn, Crystal, Tamara, Tara.

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    Sophia said,

    Let’s see…
    I know a two young Avas (3 and 10) (But it doesn’t seem to be very popular here, despite statistics), a young Mia (4), two young Siennas (6 and 7), a young Isla (6), a young Eva (8), a young Aria (4), a young Poppy (4), my sister is Scarlett (10) and I know two others (11 and 7), a young Maya (11), a young Lilly (10), a young Hazel (4) and a young Savannah (8).
    I know a young Michaela (2), but it’s spelt Mikayla. And I know a three-year-old Jessie. But apart from that most of the “owners” of the 1999 names that I know are 12+.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      Do you think Ava will continue to be popular? I haven’t meet many here maybe one or two. What does the Hazel look like? Just all the Hazel’s I have meet have had gorgeous dark brown eyes.

  2. 3

    Sophia said,

    I don’t know about Ava. The only two I have encountered in my life are the two I listed, but according to statistics it’s really, really popular.
    Hazel has blonde hair and big blue eyes. Really sweet-looking. That’s interesting how all the Hazels you’ve met have had dark eyes.

    • 4

      babynamelover said,

      Oh a blue eyed Hazel!
      Did you see where Linda & Pam from Nameberry predicted Ava to be number 1 in 2019?

      • 5

        Sophia said,

        I can’t say I follow Nameberry personally. I’ve been on a couple of times I think, though. So no I didn’t see. But that’d be okay haha. I think Ava is a lovely name 🙂
        I just remembered another little Hazel I know. She’s called Hazel Rose, she’s two and she has big blue/grey/green eyes. Absolutely adorable 🙂 Her newborn sister is called Matilda.
        By the way, have a lovely Christmas!!

      • 6

        babynamelover said,

        Hazel & Matilda is a lovely sibset! Hazel Rose is very botanical! I know a new baby Lilly Ellen-Rose. Merry late Xmas & a Happy New Year 2010, sorry have had limited internet access at my parents place.

      • 7

        Sophia said,

        I love Hazel and Matilda together as well. The other little Hazel I know has two older brothers called Oscar and Spike, and her middle name is Eliza.
        Lily Ellen-Rose is very “lovely”, you know what I mean? Like it sounds so sweet and feminine and innocent. I like it!
        Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year 🙂

      • 8

        babynamelover said,

        Spike? full first name or nickname? Hazel Eliza is pretty but heavy on the z’s.
        Lilly Ellen-Rose makes me think of the singer I think Ellen is a family name though. I like Lilly with two l’s. I have seen several Birth announcements for Lily-Rose and meet a Lilly-Rose.

  3. 9

    Sophia said,

    Spike is his full name. I think Hazel Eliza is quite nice too, but you’re right, it is very z-based, and l-based. Personally I prefer Lily with one l. I can’t stand it with two, I don’t know why. Lily-Rose is gorgeous. The only girl I’ve ever heard of with it as a name is Johnny Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose Melody.

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