More likely to meet a baby called…

Archie, Brooklyn, Carter, Charlie, Cole, Cooper, Dominic, Edward, Felix, Gabriel, Isaiah, Jackson, Kingston, Leo, Leon Lincoln, Luka, Luca, Lucas, Marcus, Mason, Noah, Phoenix, Riley, Sebastian, Seth & Toby In 2008.(Names top 100 2008 not in 1998)

Sean, Mitchell, Bradley, Jonathan, Timothy, Taylor, Anthony, Jared, Jarrod, Patrick, Scott, Brandon, Peter, Taine, Campbell, Richard, Kaleb, Louis, Jeremy, Trent, Jason, Justin, Lewis, Regan, Shaun, Kevin, Kieran, Keegan In 1999 (Names not in top 100, 2008).

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    Sophia said,

    I know a baby Archie, a baby Charlie, a young Dominic (7), a baby Edward, a young Felix (6), a young Gabriel (10), a young Isaiah (6), a young Luka (4), a young Marcus (5), a young Sebastian (3) and a baby Toby.
    I know a young Campbell (5), a baby Richard, a young Louis (8) and a baby Lewis.

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      babynamelover said,

      So its true for some but not others! I thought it was kind of interesting! Be more interesting once 2009 stats are out to compare 10 years. 🙂

  2. 3

    Sophia said,

    Oh and a lady I know JUST (as in, today) had a baby boy called Louis James. So there you go!
    PS I also know a two-year-old Mitchell and a four-year-old Taylah who’s a boy :S

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