Christchurch Press November BA’s & Deaths

Greta Alison (Lily)

Olive Audrey

Alex Chloe (Jack)

Bess (Ella)

Haidee Elaine & Alyssa Rose (Lucas)

Iris Vita (Harriet, Phoebe)

Vivien Rosemary (Lily)

Helena Antoinette

Lauren & Honor ( Lucia)

Olive Elizabeth (George)

Elsie-May Ellen (Bailey, Ephraim & Marita)

Polly Frances

Aurelia Grace (Isabelle)

Portia Alice

Neve Jennifer (Rylee, Fletcher)

Penny Mary (Hamish, Felicity)

Sacha Tui

Kahlan Lillias (Hayden)

Maggie Iris Rosa (Ruby)

Freyah Lily (Tahlia)

Sabrina Mary

Elsie Olivia (Joel)

Milla Juno (Bodie)

Maeve Ellen (Cormac)

Sidney (Lennox & Munro)

Hugo John

Jasper Stan (Jonty & Tilly)

George Banjo (Hugo)

Tahere Hunter

Albie Murphy

Jack & Keygan (Thomas)

Wilhelm David

Josiah James

Jag Archie

Edward Montgomery (Benji & Samuel)

Wilfred Otis (Theo)


Rosanna Jane, Adeline Anne, Sally Elizabeth, Grace Muriel, Margaret Winifred, Ruby Evelyn, Sylvia Winifred, Adele Mary, Violet Hope, Hazel Margaret, Beatrice Mary, Helen Adeline,

Hector Leslie, George Basil, Quentin Phillip, Henry Percival, Leo Charles, Archibald Ralph, Sydney Benjamin.

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  1. 1

    Bewildertrix said,

    Milla Juno is very cool.

    I wish Sacha Tui was a boy.

    Olive is going to be similar to Hazel’s rise I think. Move into the top 100 but hover at the end of it. So in regular use, but not popular at all.

  2. 3

    Bewildertrix said,

    It’s just the French Sasha I believe. Sasha is unisex but it always makes me think of a stereotypically sexy Russian male. I like it stand alone but I wish more people would make use of it from Alexander over Alex or Xander.

    I don’t want Olive to go into the top 100 like Hazel has!

    • 4

      babynamelover said,

      I prefer it on a girl, but I like it as a nickname for Alexander, I hate Xander!

      I hope Hazel drops out do you think it will? I have seen more Olive’s than Hazel’s in the Press this year!

  3. 5

    Sophia said,

    Olive Audrey is gorgeous (my stepsister’s name is Olive Frances, just for a bit of trivia), as are Iris, Honor, Polly Frances, Aurelia Grace (Aurelia and Isabelle are gorgeous together, like that baby I told you about the other day), Neve, Sacha, Milla Juno (fantastic name. I love Juno at the moment), Maeve, Jasper and George Banjo (very cute). Jag sounds odd, like it should be a nickname for Jagger.
    There are some beautiful names in the Deaths as well, like Adeline, Ruby, Violet, Hazel, Beatrice, George, Henry and Leo.
    As for Sasha/Sacha, I think it’s a really cute name for either sex, and also as a nickname for Alexander. To me it’s by far the best shortened form of Alexander. Alex in particular makes me cringe.
    Hazel and Olive seem about equally popular in my part of the world. I know two Hazels and two Olives, all under eleven. I wonder if they’ll become more popular or drop off..?

    • 6

      babynamelover said,

      Olive Frances is lovely! Aurelia & Isabelle really do seem like well matched sisters. Juno is high on our list, the movie didn’t seem to make it popular fingers crossed. I think my favorite style of names is old fashioned I love the way they sound sort of mysterious and intriguing. I love Henry but hubby still hasn’t come around. I prefer Sasha on a girl but I agree its the best nickname for Alexander, I dislike Alex & Xander.
      I think Olive & Hazel will both get more popular following the lead of Ruby, Matilda and the like similar old lady feel but fresh and spunky too!
      What are your favourites at the moment.

      • 7

        Sophia said,

        I think Aurelia and Isabelle go so well together because they’re both very pretty and feminine, and the uncommonness of Aurelia balances out the commonness of Isabelle, yet they still seem really well-matched. I like it 🙂
        Juno is in my top three names at the moment. I’m glad that the movie doesn’t seem to have boosted it popularity-wise. I hope I still love it when I have children. It’s just such an awesome name!
        I agree with you on Olive and Hazel. I really like the old-fashioned name trend too. Frances is gorgeous. One of my favourite old-fashioned names.
        Right now my absolute favourites are Summer, Juno, Cassidy, Pascale (by the way, I watched Outrageous Fortune the other day! Turns out it does screen on TV here), Aurelia, Avery, Clementine, Neko, Nyah, Lotte, Frances… For boys Beckett, Saxon, Orlando, Kai, Kingston, Grayer, Elias, Bruno, Augustin… I have reached the conclusion that I am pretty unpredictable in my name likes/dislikes. Like Pascale is really, really unusual, and Avery is quite normal. Nyah is bordering on bogan and Frances is sweet and timeless. I don’t know why that is.
        One of my best friends is having a baby in two months’ time. I’ll let you know what she names it. Given that I’m so into names, I’ve been asking her for ages what her and her boyfriend are thinking of calling the baby, but she refuses to discuss it. I do know, though, that two of her favourite girls’ names are Lenka and Madison (so mismatched, I know) and her favourite boys’ name is Luca, but that doesn’t really work given that the baby’s last name will be Lukoszek (pronounced Luka-sheck).

      • 8

        babynamelover said,

        Pascal is cool! I love outrageous fortune! how cool that you got to see it! you have an interesting mix! Neko? where does that come from? I like Juno, Pascal, Clementine, Aurelia, Avery (boy), Lotte and Frances (middle). From boys I like Orlando, Elias & Bruno. I have seen Naia spelt that way that may look less “bogan”!.
        Oh how exciting I hope she chooses Lenka over Madison! We don’t need any more Madisons! Luca Lukosheck is comical!

  4. 9

    Sophia said,

    God that post was long! I didn’t even notice. Haha sorry.

  5. 11

    Sophia said,

    PS What are your top ten girls’ names and top ten boys’ names right now? Like, right right now.

    • 12

      babynamelover said,

      Without hubby I do five for each. (not in any order though)
      Hazel, Delilah, Flora, Aurelia & Juno
      Barnaby, Orlando, Bartholomew, Atlas & River.

      For this minute right now 🙂

  6. 13

    Sophia said,

    I heard of Neko from the singer Neko Case. She’s one of my favourite singers 🙂
    It’s pronounced Nee-ko. As opposed to Neck-o haha. I don’t know of its origins but I seem to remember Polish coming into the mix? So maybe it’s a Polish name?
    I thought of spelling Nyah ‘Naia’ (when I say thought of spelling it that way I just mean on my names list not on a child, given that I have none) but for some reason it just doesn’t work for me. I dunno, I doubt I’ll ever use it anyway.
    Yeah I’m really excited for the baby to arrive! It’s going to be beautiful. I too hope that if she’s choosing between Lenka and Madison she chooses Lenka. It’s the baby’s auntie’s name but both her and the dad want to use it, not to honour the auntie necessarily, just because they love the name. Lenka Madison Lukoszek would be a perfectly nice name, I think. Madison, however overused, breaks up the l’s and k’s that are plentiful in the other two names. Anyway, we’ll have to wait and see…

    • 14

      babynamelover said,

      Neko on a girl seems strange to me as I have met Nikau/Niko boys in NZ which is said the same.
      I look forward to finding out bubs name 🙂

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