Evie, Amelia & Ruby

Edwin & Lewis

Cedric, Oscar & Zoe

Poppy & Olive

Emilio & Paolo

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  1. 1

    Bewildertrix said,

    Poppy and Olive ! *squee* Poppy is a name I like seeing on other peoples’ kids but I’m head over heels for Olive.

  2. 5

    SarahinJune said,

    I really like Poppy & Olive together. Both envoke a bright colorful, floral feeling to me.

  3. 11

    Sophia said,

    Evie, Amelia and Ruby are very sweet, Edwin and Lewis are cute, and Poppy and Olive are GORGEOUS! I know kids with all those names. And, as you know, I love to share siblings’ names. So here goes.
    Evie=Emily (Milly)
    Amelia=Chloe and Stella
    Ruby=Joseph/Sienna/Freya/Olive and Imogen/Bess and Lucy/Jemma and Lilly/Jake and Imogen/Joel, Finnian and Oliver (I know a lot of Rubys)
    Edwin=Lewis (like on the list!), Robert and… another brother whose name I forget
    Lewis=as above
    Poppy=Hannah, Cedar, Tarley and Josephine/Mazzie and Lulu
    Olive=Ruby and Imogen

    • 12

      babynamelover said,

      Wow how do you know so many kids?
      Evie & Milly is cute!
      Ruby, Lucy & Jemma is lovely as is Ruby, Imogen & Joel.
      Olive, Ruby & Imogen is so nice together.

      • 13

        Sophia said,

        Haha oops you read them wrong, the slashes are in between seperate families, so it’s Ruby and Joseph; Ruby and Sienna; Ruby and Freya; Ruby, Olive and Imogen; Ruby, Bess and Lucy, etc.
        The reason I know so many kids is because I’ve been babysitting for four years and I’ve babysat quite a few children in my time 😉
        And the primary school I went to when I was younger (a Steiner school) is pretty tight-knit, like everyone knows everyone pretty much, so I know most of the kids’ names.

      • 14

        babynamelover said,

        Oops! Oh cool Steiner school, a teacher at my husbands centre works at a Steiner school here in NZ.

  4. 15

    Bewildertrix said,

    Isla Fisher has a daughter called Olive. I’d probably grow very pissy at being asked if she was the inspiration 😉

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