New names!

Babie’s Names- Louise Nicholson.

Adelia, Adelina, Amarinda, Amorette, Andrina, Angharad, Ingaret, Flavia, Maxime, Vita, Wallis,

Aiken, Amery, Aneurin, Barnum, Brindley, Brutus, Caradoc, Colwyn, Duff, Forbes, Haddon, Hans, Hedley, Janus, Jocelin, Jolyon, Kelvin, Lambert, Melvin, Ogden, Painton, Stanhope, Thornton, Wystan.

Thoughts? Opinions?

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  1. 1

    Bewildertrix said,

    I’ve never really gotten into the Welsh Aneurin. I do like Jolyon though and will definitely consider it for a middle for this kid. Julian, I’d rather see on a girl but not in this century. The time for the completely unisex Julian has come and gone.

    If I went back to my huge extended list, I’m sure Ingaret (and Ingaretta) would be on it. Angharad is beautiful but been axed a long time ago for sounding like an angry Tolkien beast from Mordor. Says the man with little taste 😛

    Melvin would be unfortunate.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      I think I prefer Aneurin to Jolyon but have to think about them more 🙂 What about Jude do you think boy or girl?
      How do you say Ingaret? it reminds me of Margaret. And how do you say Angharad?
      Why is Melvin unfortunate?

      • 3

        Bewildertrix said,

        It’s a typical nerdy McNerd name. In fact, I have heard awkward types referred to as Melvins.

        It’s also the nasty business of pulling a guy’s underwear sharply up at the front or back to cause pain/embarrassment. The other name for it: wedgie 😛

        Duff isn’t so hot either. I think of Simpson duff beer and the phrase “Up the duff”. I think it’s also a slang term for the bottom.

        Jude is boy although Judiths frequently get Jude as with our annoying Jude Dobson (I think she has a different surname now).

        Ingaret should be just as it looks. INGA ret.

      • 4

        babynamelover said,

        Oh nerd name 🙂 what are your favourite nerd names? 🙂
        I have heard wedgie but not Melvin.
        Duff means bottom I learn something else new! I think of “up the duff”
        I prefer Jude on a boy too, but I always think of Jude Dobson!
        Ingaret is really pretty I like it.

  2. 5

    Laura said,

    Hans seems almost like an unfnished name. And i’m not sure about Duff.

    Names I’m liking are Adelina, Amarinda, Thornton and Brindley

  3. 7

    SarahinJune said,

    Amoret (te) has been on my list for a while now. In the poem The Faerie Queen she is the embodiment of married love. I think it’s a beautiful concept. I don’t think I’d use her up front though.

    • 8

      babynamelover said,

      She would be very pretty in the middle Ruby Amorette springs to mind. What other firsts would you put with it?

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