Should I add these to my favourites?

Adeline, Eleanor, Amelia, Theodora, Beatrix, Sidony, Madeleine, Clementine, Henrietta, Ione, Lila, Delphia, Adele, Adela, Dora, Vera, Evelyn, Greta, Ingrid, Fern, Opal, Finola, Olive, Lyra, Willa, Angeline, Petra, Mina, Pearl, Mehitabel, Ellen, Keisha, Thora, Lucinda, Ramona, Naomi, June, Sarai, Thea, Evanthia, Thomasina, Tilda, Mirabella, Iole.


What do you think of these? which do you like? dislike and why? which could you see on a child born in the next couple of years?

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    Brooke said,

    Adeline – yes if AD-uh-line
    Eleanor – yes
    Amelia – no, but yes to Emilia
    Theodora – yes
    Beatrix – no, Bellatrix instead!
    Sidony – no
    Madeleine – meh, no opinion
    Clementine – yes, but only if she’s Madeleine’s sister
    Henrietta – yes, but Harriet’s cuter
    Ione nah
    Lila – no
    Delphi – No
    Adele – yes
    Adela – no
    Dora – no
    Vera -yes
    Evelyn – yes
    Greta – maybe,but Gretchen is cuter
    Ingrid – no
    Fern – no
    Opal – no
    Finola – no
    Olive – no
    Lyra – no
    Willa – yes!
    Angeline – meh
    Petra – yes
    Mina – yeah
    Pearl – yes
    Mehitabel – no
    Ellen – yes
    Keisha – no
    Thora – yes
    Lucinda – yes
    Ramona – no
    Naomi – yes
    June – no
    Sarai – yes
    Thea – yes (nn for Theodora?)
    Evanthia – no
    Thomasina – yes (but Tamsin’s even better! :P)
    Tilda – nah, go for Matilda 😀
    Mirabella – Mirabel’s cooler 😛
    Iole -no

    No internet at home atm which is why I haven’t commented in a while, will hopefully have it back on soon! 🙂

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      Thanks Brooke! How is the West Coast weather been? I still prefer Amelia to Emilia I think I am so sick of Emily and Emma. Bellatrix is pretty but I prefer Beatrix still. I don’t like Gretchen or Heidi I don’t know why. Tamsin is pretty my Mum had it on her list for us kids. Matilda vs Tilda I guess I would use Matilda as the full name and Tilda as a nickname it has been so popular though! Mirabel is pretty I think you are right I prefer it to Mirabella.

  2. 3

    Bewildertrix said,

    Olive, Beatrix, Fern, Ingrid, Thora, Vera, Tilda, Greta and Ione are lovely. Short, quirky names. Actually, I like more but they’re my favourites from the bunch and names I would use myself.

    Despite the Isla Fisher, daughter Olive issue, I’d still consider Olive as a middle although at present I have far too many botanical names. Juniper, Ivy and Olive can’t go together in one name. Looks like I wanted a collection of plants instead 😛

    I think you should add June too. I don’t like it as my middle but it’s perfectly decent and definitely underused these days. Juniper is my June ‘alternative’ but it’s a nod to my Nan, June, not myself.

    • 4

      babynamelover said,

      Thanks for your votes 🙂 hehe Juniper, Ivy and Olive would be very botanical 🙂 are you going to seperate Juniper and Ivy with a name in between?
      I prefer Juno and Juniper to June but I still see its charm 🙂 What do you think of Junia?

      • 5

        Bewildertrix said,

        If saying it with three syllables it’s fine, but with two it sounds like JOON ya so “junior”. 😛

        Right now a she would be Sylvie Juniper, something, something, something, with Ivie (EYE vee) as a occasional nickname – non intuitively taken from Sylvie, as is my style. Well, the letters are there 😉

      • 6

        babynamelover said,

        Yup three syllables Joon-ee-uh. Ooh Ivie is very pretty nickname for Sylvie! love Sylvie so cute and unexpected.

  3. 7

    Bewildertrix said,

    Oops, forgot, I prefer Gretel to Greta but it’s just not a reasonable name upfront whereas Greta is. It can hold its own. Gretel is incredibly cutesy but then so is the other Margaret pet form Gretchen. Greta combined with a diminutive suffix -chen. It’s essentially equivalent to calling your child “Darling little Greta”. Gretel, in my mind, is worse and a bit like “Darling wittle Grettikins”, LOL.

    • 8

      babynamelover said,

      Gretel makes me think Hansel and Gretel. I like Greta because its a from of Margaret and Mil and my Paternal Grandmother are both Margaret. I wonder if it would work in the middle instead of Margaret. Juno Greta Hamilton/Juno Margaret Hamilton? I haven’t suggested it to hubby yet see if it grows on me. I don’t like Gretchen at all I don’t know why but I never have.

  4. 9

    SarahInJune said,

    I personally love Theodora nn Thora.

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