Name for 17th November- Delilah (Delilah was also June 2 oops)

Biblical, Hebrew Biblical, English: Means “delicate, weak, languishing” in Hebrew. In the Old Testament she was the lover of Samson, whom she betrayed to the Philistines by cutting his hair, which was the source of his power. Despite her character flaws, the name began to be used by the Puritans in the 17th century. It has been used occasionally in the English-speaking world since that time. (

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  • #193 in United States
  • #289 in Canada (British Columbia)

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    Bewildertrix said,

    It’s a very saucy name given the namesake and the way it rolls off the tongue. I don’t go to hairdressers myself so an amateur barbaress vixen isn’t my style. Lila and Ila make great nicknames though. Della would work too.

    Still a usable ‘bad girl’ Biblical name as opposed to Jezebel which is beautiful but comes with insanely heavy baggage and I’d pity any girl with the name.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      It was my number one for a while but hubby doesn’t like it. Della, Lila & Ila are all gorgeous nicknames I had only thought of Lila thanks 🙂 Do you think it would seem more popular because of the abundance of Lily’s?

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