Willoughby Amos, Willoughby Abram, Willoughby Bertram, Willoughby Barnabas,

Willoughby Bramwell, Willoughby Christian, Willoughby Cash, Willoughby Dashiell,

Willoughby Elliot, Willoughby Ezra, Willoughby Frank, Willoughby Grant,

Willoughby Isaac, Willoughby Ira, Willoughby Joel, Willoughby Jacob,

Willoughby James, Willoughby Jago, Willoughby Leo, Willoughby Lewis,

Willoughby Miles, Willoughby Matthew, Willoughby Micah, Willoughby Benjamin,

Willoughby Noam, Willoughby Oliver, Willoughby Rufus, Willoughby Reuben,

Willoughby Ross, Willoughby Rune, Willoughby Steven, Willoughby Thomas,

Willoughby Homer Rex, Willoughby Bruno Steven.

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    Bewildertrix said,

    Putting aside my dislike of the name (based on the Austen character, not the sound 😛 ) I’d say Leo, Elliot and Reuben are lovely with it.

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