Sibling for Thatcher.

August, Edward, Dominic, Henry, Julian, George, Broderick, Dashiell, Quinn, Rowan, Atticus, Barnaby, Benedict, Cato, Darwin, Emerson, Fergus, Harvey, Lucian, Lewis, Malachy, Micah, Maxwell, Oakley, Orlando, Phineas, Rupert, Rex, Sullivan, Solomon, Steven, Willoughby, Winston & West.

Carmen, Daisy, Aurelia, Daphne, Delphi, Eurielle, Flora, Geneva, Hazel, Hermione, Ivy, Linnea, Maddalen, Mirabelle, Nola, Olympia, Olive, Polly, Romilly, Ramona, Rosemary, Sally, Simona, Ursula, Valentina, Violet, Clara, Eulalie, Seraphia, Seraphina, Silvana, Adele, Amabel & Leora.

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    Dearest said,

    I’m glad you used Willoughby for a boy… Too many call him and Bellamy girls’ names, but they’re all boy to me… We need cute boys’ names as well!!

    Thatcher is a good one!, and I love a lot of the names on these lists:
    August, Julian, Dashiell, Atticus, Barnaby, Benedict, Lucian, Lewis, Micah, Maxwell, Phineas, Sullivan, Willoughby and West for boys
    Aurelia, Delphi, Flora, Hermione, Nola, Olympia, Olive, Ramona, Valentina, Clara, Eulalie, Seraphina, Silvana, Amabel and Leora for girls

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