Was just on the nameberry forum and its like everyone is having twins, super crazy!!

What would you name twins? B/B, B/G and G/G?

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  1. 1

    Bewildertrix said,

    This very second with absolutely no input from ANYBODY and consulting a couple of my guilty pleasures:

    Inigo & Bede
    Inigo & Dulcie
    Dulcie & Sabine

    I’d doubt a few of the twin stories. Any triplets stories going round too? Some sites appear to have a disturbingly high rate of ‘multiple births’. Singletons rock harder!

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      I like Inigo & Bede they go nice together 🙂
      There was a Dulcie at my last placement she was from a local high school in the 2-5years one day a week.
      How do you say Sabine?

      Saw a triplet one recently 😛 Hehe was bit uncanny the number that are on there at the moment seems like every second person is having twins!

      • 3

        Bewildertrix said,


        Ever since seeing it in the Telegraph recently, it’s grown on me. I got a googling dad very happy that I’d complimented his daughter’s name. Glad it wasn’t one I was criticising that time. Last month I had a googling father of a Tuppence (of all names to give a kid!). He was upset I dared mention the less savoury associations with the word/name.

        If I get my way I’d have Inigo and Bede in the same combination. Of course, Douglas needs to be in there too.

      • 4

        babynamelover said,

        Sa-BEEN it reminds me of Ravine I don’t know why…
        Oh no do you quite often get negative comments, Tuppence is pretty cutsey alright!
        Inigo, Bede and Douglas as middles they flow really nice together 🙂
        Inigo Douglas Bede particularly or Douglas Inigo Bede.

      • 5

        Bewildertrix said,

        Hardly. More positive.

        In recent times I’ve just had negative feedback about mentioning a Kiwi name Parayse (Paris!) and mentioning Tuppence meant two pence, was used to mean “worthless/meagre amount” and an infantile female genital euphemism. It means all three of those things. Just facts! I can’t believe anyone would use it but there were a few born over the last five years.

        My uncle used to use it as a term of endearment for his kids and he had no idea what it’s all about 😛

        Nice to see Inigo get some good feedback. I wanted it last time but was denied. I’m working my name mojo harder this time!

      • 6

        babynamelover said,

        Parayse omg that looks like Parasite almost.

        Omg now theres a lady with her second set of twins on the forum and a couple more people having twins!

        Does partner have any firm favourites for firsts? apart from Douglas in the middle?

      • 7

        Bewildertrix said,

        None strangely enough. Ideally, he’d like Douglas up front but realises I’m not happy at all with that idea. Not happening. He likes Bede, Ashley and Rafe but as middles. He’s just not into names and I don’t blame him given how I used to hound him: “What about this?”, “Do you like this or this?” and on and on. I’ve backed off big time since Isla was born/named 😛 I only engage when he’s completely relaxed and in a good mood and nothing else is occupying his attention.

      • 8

        babynamelover said,

        Did he feel strongly about Conor and Isla? I always pester Corie lately I have been good he even said he really likes Orlando yesterday and can that go in the top 5.
        I think when I don’t pester him he gives me suggestions Tobias and Zachariah have been another two lately.
        Bede, Ashley & Rafe are nice as middles you wouldn’t do Ashley up front?

      • 9

        Bewildertrix said,

        Orlando is quirky. Score for you!

        I think I’m far to cowardly to use Ashley up front even though here in NZ it’s hardly lost to the girls. Actually, I don’t think that’s just it. I love Ashley but perhaps not enough as first name for my son. I need to have some passion for the first name and I don’t think it qualifies. I love encountering boys/men with the name though. It’s probably the one name, aside from the occasionall Kelly, that I really get excited about running across.

        Although I said, even as a late teen, that I’d NEVER have children, I knew that any first son would be Conor, well, Connor at that stage as I was ignorant of the Conor spelling. Luckily, I never had to contest it when I brought it up so it was all peachy. He loved the name too and had zero complaints. Round one to me! The second middle took a bit of work. It could have been Rhys or Reilly at one stage. I’d have kicked myself over Reilly.

        Isla was more a compromise name. He liked it with Scarlet. Had to be Scarlet (or Harriet if I can remember). I wanted Isobel/Ishbel/Iseabail immediately following but for some reason Fleur and Bonnie enticed me more. Although, Isla felt too popular for me at the time having just entered the top 100, combined with all her middles, some of which are used infrequently, it was less of an issue then. It was only after we named her that I recalled that I had a great grandmother with a similar name. Illa said EYE lah. Prior to, I thought it was ILL ah. Well, logically that’s how it should be said. I doubt many little Isla’s today can say that their great great grandmother’s shared their name which is nice 🙂

        Holy Lengthy Story, Batman!

      • 10

        babynamelover said,

        Orlando is really growing on me I like Orlan and Orlo for nicknames 🙂

        I went to school with a male Ashley, but haven’t meet any guy Ashley’s for awhile. I haven’t meet any wee boy Ashley’s in centres either. I let you know if I do.I went to school with a boy Kelly too!

        My Brother is Connor he’s 12 he was born a couple of years before it got popular here, I hadn’t heard of Connor until my parents named him that. How compliant your husband was 🙂 I prefer it Conor. But at least my Brother isn’t Conner/Konner/Konah. I like Reilly that spelling only for a boy, never like Rhys but love Rowan/Rohan!

        I like Harriet, Isla Harriet would have been equally pretty. I love how she shares her name with her great great grandmother! I haven’t actually met many Isla’s the only one I know is my sisters friends sister Lily & Isla, Lily is 10 and Isla is 8. I love the EYE and the soft Lah, do you know any other names with the EYE and a soft ending? Eilidh? I don”t know how its said though?

        Batman hehe the guy who delivered our new freezer yesterday had superman on his tshirt

      • 11

        Bewildertrix said,

        Sorry, I can never put the reply in the right damn place!

      • 12

        babynamelover said,

        Thats okay 🙂

  2. 13

    Dearest said,

    I’m very uncertain what I would name twins… It all depends on my future hubby I guess. I love too many names from too many styles to choose, so he would have to limit me and we could both agree on a style we want…

    I really want to use Samson though, and Annora, so those would be my choices for B/G twins…
    For B/B it would be Samson and Rufus perhaps?
    And maybe Rosamund and Annora for G/G twins… I’m very unsure 🙂

    And I have to add that I really adore Inigo! ^^

    • 14

      babynamelover said,

      Samson & Annora are lovely and Samson & Rufus are gorgeous and I love Rosamund & Annora you have similar taste to me 🙂

      • 15

        Dearest said,

        Thank you ^^
        I’m beginning to think we have very similar tastes!

        I’ve recently been wondering whether or not I could fit Virginia into that mix, but I’m not sure… I feel like she’s a bit different from the other names…

        I have a crush on Virginia these days ^^

      • 16

        babynamelover said,

        Virginia is lovely 🙂 Do you like any nicknames? my favourites change all the time and I think being online has made my names more internationally flavoured 🙂
        Virginia is elegant and a little musty, but ready for a comeback only thing is the virgin teasing thing.

      • 17

        Dearest said,

        I have Ginny down as a nickname for Virginia ^^ I plan on raising my children in a small community and use Virginia in public (if I have a Virginia) from she’s very little. I think the fact that her peers have been familiar with the name since they were very little will cause less teasing, although you can never be sure… She can always be Ginny or Ginger when she gets sick of it, and I’ll give her two middle names to fall back on if it gets that bad, so hopefully it won’t cause her trouble! I want her to love her name though, so I’m glad there are good namesakes for Virginia, and that I have a personal connection thorough the song I love 🙂
        I have this theory that Virginia will fall completely off the list bfore she starts climbing again… She’s going down fast, but she’s still at number 563 so we’ll see… I don’t know where she is in the UK, though, which is what really matters… I have a hunch that she may be less common there though ^^
        There are a lot of names/nicknames I love that are rather common or maybe just too short, so I love finding new ways to get them.. Ike and Ian for example could come from Icarus and Hadrian rather than Isaac and just Ian…
        Or Sam for Samson rather than Samuel, Nora for Annora, Rose for Rosamund, instead of using Finn I would use Phineas and so on…
        When I make combos to make time pass I always come up with a nickname as well, and sometimes I’m surprised at what nicknames can come from some names, Ana from Edana for example 🙂

        The internet has widened my perspective when it comes to names, yes! I wouldn’t know and love half the names I do if the internet hadn’t told me all about them! I love the internet! XD

      • 18

        babynamelover said,

        Adelaide is said really prettily in that song 🙂

        I think Virginia is a lovely name and at some point most people get over being immature 🙂 Ginger is a pretty cool nickname, I think the Ginga thing has died down here in NZ what they call people with Ginger hair (I know cause my Brother has reddy coloured hair :))
        I have no idea about Virginia over time I guessing you checked the SSA list? when was she most popular?
        I like less common longer names for more common nicknames too 🙂 thats a good idea to think about Nicknames I don’t generally do that, I tend to think of middles and then sisters or brothers.
        I love the internet too 🙂

  3. 19

    Bewildertrix said,

    Orlo is cute.

    The funny thing is, he recants likes/dislikes and it’s very frustrating. I know he really liked Isla Harriet at one stage and then he goes and claims later that Harriet is far too “Victorian little girl cute” or “All ringlets and frilly dresses”. Like that’s a problem! To be frank, I find Harriet cute, yes but it’s still a sturdy old name.

    I think with Conor/Connor being Irish/Scottish (both his maternal grandparents were Scottish born), it’s kingly origins and it being a relatively manly rather than ‘nerdy’ or flowery boy’s name, he was relieved we didn’t have to struggle to find something. Oh and the Connor Macleod Highlander association certainly helped 😛

    Eilidh is AY lee. It’s basically the nickname Ellie with Scots Gaelic spelling. Nice name but a little problematic. It’s quite modern too. I haven’t found any recorded before the 20th century.

    I’ve not met any Isla’s in the last year that I can remember but someone always seems to know someone with one which is funny. You can get interesting spelling variations in the cemetery: Ila, Ilah, Islah, Eila etc..

    Um, Ianthe, Iole, Iola, Io? Or the Hebrew Ayelet which I’ve heard said eye eh let or eye yeh let.

    • 20

      babynamelover said,

      Juno & Orlo is a bit rhymy though :(. Oh my hubby is the same he goes “I didn’t say I liked it” or “when did that go on the list ” :P. Men :P.
      I thought it wasn’t said with the Eye sound! I will have to keep hunting theres a name said like EYE-lish but I don’t know how its spelt…
      I just saw an Ila in the North & South Magazine it was an old edition from 2007, she was 12. Eila is interesting I saw on a forum someone considering spelling it Aila like I guess japanese is it Ai how they say it and Luh I guess.
      Oh Ianthe of course its much prettier than Xanthe! Oh I love Io I forgot about that she’s on my list 🙂 Iola reminds me of Iole how is it that said EYE-o-lee? reminds me of something… oh Ayelet is pretty think I asked hubby that and he said no its a bit on a shoe 😛 Thanks for the suggestions “:)

    • 21

      Dearest said,

      I have to comment, Ayelet is a fantastic name! I wish more people would know about her.. She’s not my style but more people should use her! And Aviva which is also a Hebrew name…
      Io is adorable but a bit short. I have her down as a nickname for Iolanthe, but I prefer Ianthe over Iolanthe so in the end it depends on what kind of a man I end up with ^^

      • 22

        babynamelover said,

        Ooh Aviva is pretty you could get Ava from that I must tell my friend she likes Ava, Avalon too. Aviva is very pretty might have to go on my list 🙂
        Io is a bit short I agree, something about the shortness attracts me though, Iolanthe is pretty I prefer that to Ianthe I think.

  4. 23

    Sophia said,

    Girl and girl: Romy and Harlow
    Boy and boy: Beckett and Kai
    Boy and girl: Summer and Saxon

    • 24

      babynamelover said,

      Is Romy feminine or masculine? I never knew I know Remy is masculine. Beckett & Kai sound nice together even though you know I don’t like Kai,
      Summer and Saxon are too matchy for me but I can see the appeal of matching initials!

      • 25

        Sophia said,

        I only like Romy for a girl, but it can be for either.
        About the matching initials, I don’t actually usually like that custom, but I just really like Summer and Saxon together.
        What are your favourite twin names?

      • 26

        babynamelover said,

        I like Romilly as a longer form of Romy 🙂

        Juno & Isadora, Orlando & Barnaby, Juno & Barnaby. Today anyway 🙂

      • 27

        Sophia said,

        I love Juno and Orlando 🙂
        A little boy I know is called Orlando and his nickname is Lando. I think that’s really sweet 🙂

      • 28

        babynamelover said,

        Lando is super cute! Do you mind that they both end in o? I think its a little cutsey they end the same.

  5. 29

    Dearest said,

    According to the SSA list Virginia was REALLY popular in the 20’s and 30’s, but has been falling since the early 50’s, and more rapidly the past 20 years…

    And I always Identified with Adelaide in the song, so I’m actually considering taking Adelaide as a middle name! For more reasons than just the song, but my love for it helped me decide.. ^^

    • 30

      babynamelover said,

      How high did Virginia get? Adelaide would be pretty in the middle 🙂 I wouldn’t use it up front personally I don’t think. Although I have taken a shine to Sidony on a girl lately!

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