Last night on Grey’s Anatomy there was an award mentioned, Harper Avery I really like this for a boy. What do you think?

Also Derek has been with Rose and I have really started to love Rose for its simplicity, romantic and oldish feel. What do you think of plain Rose?

In the novel I am reading the Mother is Nuala I really like this, the main character is Millie, her sister is Oona but several times they have written Orla when they meant Oona!

Which do you prefer Nuala, Oona or Orla?

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    Bewildertrix said,

    I love Una (Oona) and Orlaith (Orla). Oona just looks awkward. I love Fionnuala nicknamed Nuala but Nuala has been used stand alone for a long time.

    Harper makes me think of those revolting mythical harpy beasts so I’m not such a fan but I prefer it on a boy. Avery is fine.

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      babynamelover said,

      I’m worried that Una would be said You-nuh? I don’t mind the double o in Oona. I do prefer Orla to Oona still trying to convince hubby I see it has risen in Scotland and is sitting at 61. I love Fionnuala too 🙂 I didn’t think of Nuala as a nickname.

      I don’t know those beasts!

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        Bewildertrix said,

        You should try Oonagh then 😉

        I don’t think Orla is going to get big here and I hate that people come out with “It’s close to oral!”. I never see that.

        Basically those winged female nasties is where you get the harpy = nagging fishwife/shrew from.

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        babynamelover said,

        Oonagh is pretty thanks 🙂 I never seen Oral either. I love the sound of the O and r rolling together.
        Aww I see that doesn’t paint a pretty picture!

  2. 5

    SarahinJune said,

    I think Rose is the best of the flower names.

    I like both Harper and Avery better on a boy, but I think each needs something more masculine to beef it up. If I read Harper Avery on an application, I wouldn’t be sure whether it were a boy or girl in question.

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      babynamelover said,

      I have a 2nd cousin called Rose is the only thing that puts me off. I used to like Poppy now I think its a bit frilly.
      Thats a point because they have both become unisex.

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