Top 100 Norway 2008- Boys

1. Mathias

2. Emil

3. Jonas








How to say these– Sondre, Eirik, Ole, Hakon, Even, Sindre, Trym, Sigurd, Mikkel, Mats, Olav, Aksel, Brage, Vetle, Sivert, Petter, Ola, Eskil, Sverre, Vegard.

Suprised by– Martin, Marius, Kristoffer, Lars, Kasper, Kevin, Leander, Jorgen, Johan, Linus, Felix, Robin, Dennis, August & Birk.

Like these– Jonas, Tobias, Noah, Sander, Elias, Leon, Julian, Theodor, Oscar, Gabriel, Johan, Theo, Leo, Iver, Felix and August.

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  1. 1

    SarahinJune said,

    Wow, there are some great names here. I especially like

    Emil (I really liked for my second son but thanks to Ratatouille it would be a very cheesy sibset).

    I used to love Jonas but now it just reminds me of the Jonas Brothers 😦

    Oliver is always awesome.

    Linus & Felix are both on my lists so I love them. I was watching old home movies and there is actually video of me 38.5 weeks pregnant telling remy to give FELIX a kiss. I’d forgotten how close of a call Kelly actually was. πŸ™‚

    Also loving Johan and August… I think a friend of mine has called dibs on August though.

    Sander is really cute, but it makes me think of something my dh would use at the garage πŸ˜‰ Iver is cool as hell. I’m thinking it would work really well in the middle too.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      I didn’t know about Remy and Emil. Emil is a nice strong name!
      I think I prefer Jonah to Jonas, who are the Jonas Brothers?
      Aww was Kelson nearly Felix? Remy and Felix are cool together.
      Johan is Heidi Klum’s son I think, I like it too πŸ™‚
      August is gorgeous! I also went through a phase of liking October nn Toby for a boy.
      Sander appeals cause I’m not a huge fan of Alexander.
      I like Iver too and Ivor and Ivo. I know a sibset Ivor & Felix.

  2. 3

    Dearest said,

    Sondre – SON-druh
    Eirik – AI-rick
    Ole – O-luh
    Hakon – HAWK-on
    Even- EH-venn
    Sindre – SIN-druh
    Trym – TRIM
    Sigurd – SIG-urd
    Mikkel – MIC-el
    Mats – MATS
    Olav – O-lav
    Aksel – AX-el
    Brage – BRA-geh
    Vetle – VET-luh
    Sivert – SEE-vert
    Petter – PET-er
    Ola – O-lah
    Eskil – ES-kill
    Sverre – SVUH-ruh
    Vegard – VEH-gar

    Martin surprises me too, as well as Dennis, Iver and Lars… Martin was popular when I was little, I had NO idea we imported Dennis, I thought Iver was much to dated, in addition to being the Norwegian word for ‘eager’ (see the resembance?), and Lars is just dreadfully dated!!! My uncle is Lars!
    Leander is the obvious companion to the super popular Linnea… XD
    Marius is part of the ‘only boys’ names ending in ‘s’ are worth using’ trend that I hate… Mathias, Lucas, Marius, Linus, Tobias, Elias, Jonas, Magnus, Andreas and Rasmus even are all popular for boys or will be before you know it…
    Sander was nice until they started getting creative.. I actually found out we do that in Norway as well, but only with Sander… People seem to think that when Alexander is okay any boys’ name ending in Sander is okay so you get compounds like Krisander, Carosander, Elander and the likes and it makes me sick! I thought we were better than that, honestly!

    Carosander?! honestly? If the child’s’ grandparents were Caroline and Aleksander I might understand, but it’s still not a good name for a young boy! It makes we wish they would just stick with Cornelius which they seem to love, or just use Sander in spite of his popularity….
    It’s three in the morning here so I should be in bed… ^^

    • 4

      babynamelover said,

      Thanks for the translation πŸ™‚ EH-venn is pretty cool I like Evan.
      Martin reminds me of 50year old men as does Dennis & Lars. Iver makes me think of Ivor.
      Oh of course Linnea & Leander. I much prefer Linnea.
      Thats interesting we seem to have had the ending in n or r trend here. I like some of this s endings, I guess they get old when there is an abundance of them though.
      Ew yick Krisander and Carosander gross
      My Brothers German student was Cornelius!
      You should be in bed πŸ˜› thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

      • 5

        Dearest said,

        Carosander in particular creeps me out….

        I’m not too fond of Cornelius myself, I prefer Cornelia for a girl or Carelius for a boy…

      • 6

        babynamelover said,

        Just can’t seem to take a shine to Cornelia maybe its the Corn bit at the start I don’t know! How you do say Carelius?

      • 7

        Dearest said,

        Ca-REH-lee-us. It’s a Latin form of Karl, as well as Carolus which my mum likes…
        I understand how the corn part would make you hesitate, I don’t really like Cornelia either, but I prefer her to Cornelius ^^

        An songs make me love names as well!
        Adelaide, Cecilia, Earnestine, Marianne, Angelene, Priscilla, Lyla, Jade, Green, Augustine, Damaris, Vera, Elise, Mariah, Mary Jane, Ophelia, Mary, Talula, Angie, Jackie, Virginia, Pandora, China, Josephine and Anastasia are all girl names I’ve taken a liking to due to music.
        there are fewer boys, but there are some: Blake, Maxwell, Fernando, Fred, Tristan, Billy, Frank, Henry and Maury…
        There are also many due to films (Sarah and Becky most importantly) but that makes too long a list… ^^

      • 8

        babynamelover said,

        I like it πŸ™‚ The main name I love from a song is Delilah πŸ™‚ I like Ferdinand I think that comes from Franz Ferdinand. I like Juno & Norah from films πŸ™‚
        Green is daring as is China, although I have meet a wee girl Asia. I went to school with a friend called Marianne her sister was Sarah-Jane. I have never liked Elise and I just don’t know why. Talula is that a variant of Tallulah? I like Pandora still but hubby moved on to Isadora.
        My Grandad was Frank. We have both Frank and Franklin as options for honoring middles and I love Henry but hubby thinks its boring!
        OOh share you movie ones and recommend me some movies πŸ™‚

  3. 9

    Sophia said,

    I have extended family in Norway. The grandparents’ names are Esther and Martin. The mens’ names are Sigfried, Tomas and Christian. The women’s names are Lise, Christina and Maiken. The children are Magnus (B) and Sindre (B), Josefine (G) and Bertine (G) and Martin (B), Elise (G) and Anne Sofie (G).

    • 10

      babynamelover said,

      I’m growing to like Tomas spelt that way! How do you say Maiken? Bertine is pretty! is it a feminine version of Bert?
      Anne Sofie is pretty is that a double first name?

      • 11

        Dearest said,

        Maiken is MAY-ken, May like the first part of Maya….
        My book says Bertine is a short form of Albertine. We don’t have Bert in Norway, but Bernt, a form of Bernard which gives the feminine Berntine…

      • 12

        babynamelover said,

        Maiken is really pretty! oh I think theres a song by Brooke Fraser called Albertine, I really liked the name after I heard the song πŸ™‚
        Make a pretty middle too. Berntine is pretty too πŸ™‚

      • 13

        Sophia said,

        Actually my relative Maiken is pronounced Mye-ken. I suppose Bertine is a female version of Bert. It’s pronounced Bertina, and Josefine is Yosefina, Anne Sofie is Anna Sofia, Lise is Lisa, Elise is Elisa, etc.
        I think Anne and Sofie are her first and middle names, but she goes by both. Sometimes just Anne. She’s just two and she’s the sweetest child I have ever met! So beautiful πŸ™‚
        When I stayed with them over Christmas Anne Sofie wanted me to read her bedtime story… in Norwegian. Not easy!

      • 14

        babynamelover said,

        Oh is Mai- said My the Japanese? Naww you sound like you like little ones too πŸ™‚ I bet that was tricky πŸ™‚

  4. 15

    Dearest said,

    Green is for Joni Mitchell’s ‘Little Green’.. I might use her in the middle if my furture hubby likes it…
    China used to be pretty common I think, like India.
    Talula is a more serious-looking variant of Tallulah yes πŸ™‚ I prefer Talula
    I love Pandora but I never liked Isadora for some reason… the only Isa name I like is Isalie… there’s also Isannah, but that’s very different.. ^^

    In the Frank song, Frank is an honest man!
    I love Franklin for the cute children’s TV show about a turtle and his animal friends… XD
    The song I love Henry because of is really lovely!!

    AmeliΓ© is the obvious film favourite, and Juno is lovely as well, but I mostly love names that remind me of my childhood favourites, Sarah and Becky from ‘A Little Princess’, which still makes me uneasy when I hear Lavinia. I also love India partly due to that film.. The way Sarah talks about it, it sounds like the perfect thing to be named after!!
    Also, I love Lilou due to ‘The Fifth Element’ and Virginia partly due to ‘The 10th Kingdom’ but mostly because of the Tori Amos song called Virginia…
    Helena and Valentine for the film ‘MirrorMask’ and Yvaine and Tristan from ‘Stardust’ but that’s mostly because of the book ^^

    I can’t come up with any more off the top of my head πŸ™‚

    • 16

      babynamelover said,

      Is that a book or a movie? India is becoming popular I think maybe following on from Indiana which is similar sounding, or maybe just the latest place name craze.
      Tallulah looks like a pretty girls name of about three I like it but I can see the charm of Talula it would age better! I love Lula and Lulu for nicknames πŸ™‚
      Isadora appeals cause its like Isabella but it has Dora and I like Dora and ora names, Zora, Cora, Annora, Norah, Leonora, Honora the list goes on πŸ™‚ Isalie how do you say that? A girl I used to know liked Isaline, Calla & Elodie she went with Elodie. I liked Isaline. Isannah like a form of Hannah or Anna?
      Franklin the turtle is very cute I agree πŸ™‚ Franklin also after Benjamin Franklin πŸ™‚ and of course my Granddad.
      What is your Henry song?
      Amelie what movie is that?
      I don’t think I have seen “A little Princess”. is it a kids movie?
      I don’t think I have seen “The Fifth Element” or “the 10th Kingdom” are they good? we go to the dvd place quite often to get movies out.
      Lilou- how do you say this? I like how you could get Lulu as a nickname πŸ™‚
      My Hubby likes Tori Amos but he can’t remember that song. I like Virginia after watching “The hours” its a good movie also Beatrix after watching “Miss Potter” and Ira and Ingrid after watching a movie at the movies but I can’t remember what its called.
      I haven’t seen “MirrorMask” or “Stardust” either I don’t think.

      • 17

        Dearest said,

        A Little Princess is both a book and a movie, it was my favourite when I was younger, so it’s a kids movie ^^ I think I first saw it when I was 8, and I still love it! India isn’t my usual style, but it all depends on the hubby…
        I also think Talula would age better than Tallulah! I think I prefer Lula as a nickname, Lulu is too cutesy..
        The -ora part is lovely, yes, but I’m not too fond of Dora… Annora, Pandora and Elora are on my list as well as Honora, but she’s very similar to Annora which is my favourite right now…
        Isalie I imagine would sound like Italy with an s rather than a t… ^^ However I always say AY-sa-lee for some reason…
        Isannah is a VERY rare name invented in the 1700’s as far as one can find out, but no one really knows… I guess it’s a combo of some Is- name and Anna, or maybe a way of naming someone after Isabel and Susannah or something like that… Appellation Mountain did a feature on it as name of the day, you can find it there…

        My Henry song is by a rather obscure Norwegian musician that you’ve never heard of… His name is Thomas Dybdahl.. He’s also the source of my love for Frank, Adelaide, Maury and Cecilia! I found a youtube video, but it’s just pictures with accompanying the song, no music video or anything…
        I guess you can find the Adelaide and Cecilia videos there, the Adelaide one in particular is beautiful!!! Frank is an obscure b-side so I doubt you’ll find it…
        AmeliΓ© is an adorable French movie featuring Audrey Tatou, a must see!
        The Fifth Element is a science fiction film, very action filled! The Tenth Kingdom is a miniseries, Fantasy style, has a lot of nice traditional fairytale references, suitable for anyone over the age of 11-12, depending on the parent.. It’s VERY creative, lasts 7 hours total…

        Lilou is LEE-lou. It’s French and very lovely ^^ I think I’m more likely to use Milou if I have to choose though… Lilou is a bit too similar to Lily and company, Milou is more unique.

        Virginia is at the end of Scarlet’s Walk.. Not the most memorable of her songs, but I always liked it…
        The Hours is on my ‘to watch’ list! As is Miss Potter, but I already like Beatrix, although I can never decide if I like Beatrix, Beatrice or Beatriz the most…
        I actually hate Ingrid on Norwegian babies, but LOVE it on ‘English’ babies…
        MirrorMask and Stardust are both fantasy films as well.. MirrorMask is likely to be all too strange for most people, but it’s very creative and the CG effects are stunning!!
        Stardust was a big-screen hit a couple of years back with Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert de Niro in some of the parts… It’s about love and magic without being sugary-sweet… It’s actually rather frightening!!
        As you can probably tell, I love fantasy! XD

      • 18

        babynamelover said,

        Lulu is also one of the girls from “Banana’s and Pajamas” But doesn’t put me off πŸ™‚
        I haven’t seen Elora! what puts you off Dora?
        Isalie doesn’t sound quite finished when I say it out loud I’m not sure why…
        I will have a look at Appellation Mountain πŸ™‚ The h on the end looks kinds of trendy I guess cause I seen so many h’s on the end lately πŸ˜›
        The song is nice πŸ™‚ The Henry one I’m listening now πŸ™‚ I will listen to Cecilia & Adelaide too and let you know πŸ™‚
        My hubby likes Sci-Fi movies! He says “The Fifth Element” is alright. wow 7 hours that is insane! can you watch it in one go or have to have a break hehe.
        Lilou is pretty! I see what you mean about Lily it has been super popular I do like Lila though and Lilith and Liliya? spelling. Is Milou- Mee-Lou?
        I think I like Beatrice the best but Beatrix closely follows behind. I like Bea for a nickname, Beatrix is pretty spunky though πŸ™‚
        I didn’t use to like Ingrid, but the wee girl was so cute in the movie πŸ™‚
        I may have seen Stardust not sure though…
        I got to go put tea on and feed the cat shes mewing at me πŸ˜›

  5. 19

    Dearest said,

    In Norway, we have a tradition the see a film called ‘Three Wishes for Cinderella’ every Christmas.. It’s an old Czech film and one of my favourites ever!! The evil stepsister is called Dora… πŸ™‚

    For Lily-ish names, I like Lileas the most but also Lilac and Lilith… My collection of names only has the most unusual ones, though… Unless I really really love them, they have to be off or at the very bottom to get on it!
    I am surprised at how many beautiful names I find though, that people just don’t use… It’s a shame they prefer MaKynzie or another Emma over Annora and Melisande…

    I have seen the 7 hour film all in one, but it comes on three discs so I have taken breaks to go to the bathroom or get some food or whatever… It was worse when we saw all extended versions of Lord of the Rings in one go! We started at 6 pm and didn’t finish until 5 am!!!

    The Fifth Element is alright yeah ^^

    • 20

      babynamelover said,

      Dora’s not an evil name 😦 hehe. I’m the same I generally don’t like super popular names unless I absolutely love them.
      Oh my god almost 12 hours of Lord of The Rings that is insane. I only ever saw the first one.

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