Name for today- Geneva

English. Possibly a shortened form of GENEVIEVE. It could also be inspired by the name of the city in Switzerland. It has been used as a given name in the English-speaking world since the 19th century. (

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    brooke said,

    Love Geneva! I don’t like many place names, but this is one that I do. I think I started at Geva and went from there. Both remind me of clear, cool gel, like blue toothpaste or aloe vera aftersun gel.

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      babynamelover said,

      Geva is that a place too? I like it cause its similar to Genevieve I think. Geneva seems slightly more modern though and less clunky. I do like clunky though.
      Aloe vera aftersun gel smells nice! 🙂

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        brooke said,

        Geva I think is Hebrew for hill. I don’t think it’s a place name, at least that’s not where I heard it – there’s a member of the England netball team called Geva Mentor (she plays in the Trans-Tasman trophy league too, for one of the Australian teams I think), and I’ve always liked the sound. I don’t know if her name is from the Hebrew word for hill though, because apparently the Hebrew would be pronounced gay-va (I think) and not jee-va, which is how she says it (and the version that I like).

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        babynamelover said,

        I prefer it Gee-va hehe which is completely different. Its pretty though short and sweet 🙂 thanks for sharing the meaning 🙂

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    Bewildertrix said,

    Not fussed but then the few girls I’ve seen it on had sibs with names like Misty, Sahara or Genesis.

    I don’t think much of Genevieve either unless it’s said the French way and that’s not going to happen in NZ very often is it? 😉 Shame.

    • 6

      babynamelover said,

      Do you like any G names? Eww Misty and Genesis, I saw a boy Genesis at the mall once. Sahara is okay prefer it to Sienna, Sierra & Savannah.
      What about Guinevere?

      • 7

        Bewildertrix said,

        I love Georgette (zhor-ZHET) although some people find it too dated and/or cutesy. No more than Charlotte given that’s a diminutive too. I also really like Gwenllian The traditional pet form of Gwenllian, Llio (HLEE o) is lovely.

        Crusty oldies I have a soft spot for are Gerda, Gertrude, Geltrude and Gilda but I wouldn’t consider them.

        Guinevere I dislike. I don’t think much of the namesake. She made Scarlett O’Hara seem more ladylike and honourable 😉

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        babynamelover said,

        Is that really how Georgette is said with a Z sound I never knew that! I like Gertrude with a frilly middle in front like Aurelia Lily Gertrude.
        Gwenllian is pretty how do you say it? I do know if I know the Guinevere story I prefer Genevieve to Guinevere.

      • 9

        Bewildertrix said,

        Well it’s French so, yes. It would get JOR jett here and I don’t like that as much. I really like feminine George- names but the evil bogan Jorja/h has really sullied them for me.

      • 10

        babynamelover said,

        I don’t like he Jorja spelling but hubby does. I quite like Georgina with Nina or Georgie for short.
        What other George femininised names do you like?

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