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    Bewildertrix said,

    Here in NZ, Oscar by all rights should be going up, instead it went down 10 spots from 2006 to #50. Could be one of those fluctuating in the top 50 names for a few years.

    I don’t have 2008 for Australia but in 2007 it was #34. Quite a difference.

    It was between Oscar and Fergus if Isla was a boy. I did waver a lot on Oscar as my aunt had a new beagle by the same name and it just irked me at times 😉

    Jasper will definitely move up. It may take its sweet time about it. It’s the ‘primo hipster name’ and has the same vibe as Felix which entered in 2007. I would rather see more Jasper than Felix. I really don’t like Felix.

    It feels like Elliot should be there already but it’s not :/ It dropped from #65 to #82 between 1998 and 2008 in England. Pre 1998 it hung around #70. Been sticking around for a while there. The only Elliot I knew of would be about 26 now.

    I’m seeing more Dexter so perhaps Baxter will get a bit more use.

    We will see lots more Theo over Theodore I guarantee you. Theo was #58 in 2008 for England although apparently a football player has a little to do with its surge there. With Leo being used here frequently, Theo is a given eventually.

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      babynamelover said,

      Maybe Oscar will just float around 🙂 Hes a cool O like Oliver but way less popular!
      Oh I like Fergus too, Conor & Fergus appeals slightly more I think because Oscar and Connor both have have the hard r ending. Oh dog names theres always discussions about those on name forums whether they are still usuable.
      Jasper not even in NZ top 100! Felix was 100 in 2006, didn’t appear in 2007 and then 2008 was 94. I prefer Jasper to Felix, they are both on our short list.
      Elliot does feel like it should be in top 100. I wonder if it will go back up in England.
      Do you think Dexter will be more popular than Baxter because of the show?
      Thats interesting both Leo & Leon are in NZ top 100 for 2008, I wonder how long before Theo makes its way into the top 100 here.

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        Bewildertrix said,

        I haven’t seen much Theo in the Auckland BAs that I recall. I have no idea but it’s coming.

        I think the show might be plunging Dexter back into the naming conscience although it’s not necessarily the nicest reference is it? 😉 Charlotte Church also used it on her boy so that might provide some inspiration. There were 275 Dexters born in England last year so it ranks #179 just below Spencer. For 2007 there were 155 born so yes, it’s moved up there. Also, Charlotte Church may well have helped kept Ruby in the top since that’s her daughter’s name.

        Out of interest only 11 Baxters born there 😉

        I think Oscar is a bit more user friendly but Fergus is much fresher yes and sounds lovely with Conor. I’m not sure I still like the Ozzy nickname but Scar isn’t much better 😉

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        babynamelover said,

        I will keep an eye out for Theo I may have seen a couple in ChCh BA’s this year three infact!
        I haven’t actually watched Dexter what is it about? Wow its as popular as Spencer thats crazy!
        What you mean born there? 🙂
        No Ozzy and Scar are as bad as each other lol I’m not so fond of Ferg either I do love Gus though! I prefer Fergus to Angus for getting Gus 🙂

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        Bewildertrix said,

        He’s a blood spatter expert with the police who doubles as a secret serial killer. That is he dispenses his own brand of justice on ‘bad dudes’ that harm innocent people. He’s like the human equivalent of ‘death row’ only he’s more efficient and sadistic.

        I’ve seen a couple of episodes and that was quite enough 😉

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        babynamelover said,

        Sounds horrible, glad I haven’t seen it!

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