Names starting with a certain letter- do you have a favourite?

Hubby’s are B & E and he thinks F for boys whilst for girls we have a scant list anyway.

Mine are B& E for boys and I, M & A for girls.

Lacking in my boys list are, C (2), K (3), L (3), N (3), O (3), P (1), Q (1), U (0), V (1), X (0) & Z (1)

Lacking in my girls list are K(1), O (2), Q (0), T (2), U (0), V (2), W (3), X (1), Y (0) & Z (3).

What are your most common & least common?

Do you have any suggestions for me for the bolded letters for the gender I’m missing?

NZ top 100, 2008 most common letters Girls

A (17), M (13), S (10) & E (6).


J (13), C (12), L (11) & A (9).


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  1. 1

    Dearest said,

    I can help you with U for girls!
    Una, Undine and Unity are all on my list ^^
    Vaughn and Valor might make your boys list?
    And maybe Ylva will interest you for a girl?
    I think Quimby is the only Q name I’d consider for a girl, even though it’s a boys’ name (I think?), and I prefer Xavier to Xander for a boy when it comes to X’s, don’t have too much knowledge of others…

    I have too many S’s, A’s, E’s and L’s on my girls’ list, T’s, M’s E’s and A’s for boys…
    Very few G’s, U’s, and Y’s for girls, one K (Katharina) and one X (Xia), no Z’s or Q’s for girls, no X or U for boys, only one Y and Z and more than 5 on all the others, but both my lists need to be trimmed quite drastically!!! 379 for girls and 324 for boys… I think of it more as a collection, I have a shorter list of combos using names from my collection, but only my favourites…

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      oooh I like Una 🙂 what do you think of Ursula? Undine could grow on me I think 🙂 Vann is the boys name I have I do like Vaughn but not as much as Vann. Valor is interesting where does that come from? How do you say Ylva? Quimby is interesting! I have heard of Quincy, Quintana & Quartz but none of this really appeal. Xavier is okay just nearly have had a love for it. I’m all about loving the name 🙂
      My G’s are Genevieve, Gaia, Guinevere & Geneva if any of those appeal. My K is Keiko, my sister is Katherine. My Z’s are Ziggy, Zelda, Ziva, Zora, Zipporah, Zillah & Zahara.
      Zeus is my Z.
      Wow that is 379 & 324 that is crazy. I would love to help trim them 🙂

      • 3

        Dearest said,

        Valor is a boy virtue name I guess..?
        Una is love ❤
        Ylva would be Ilva perhaps, think Inga and Ilsa…
        Quimby is male, Quinby is female, but I think the m makes it a whole lot more interesting! Quincy, Quintana and Quartz have no appeal to me whatsoever…
        As for G's, it's not like I don't have them, I just have fewer of them than I have of other letters… I have Gale, Garnet, Glade and Glory, all word names as you can see, but I think I might add Gaia… ^^ I love word names and names with a rich history!
        I've had massive overload of K's since I was very little (It's not rare in Norway), so the K has no actual appeal to me… It's not mysterious like it seems to be for others. In my class of thirty there were 2 Karina's, a Karoline, Kristina, Katharina, Kaia, and Katja our English teacher from Germany XD Not to mention all the Kristian's I've met through life!
        I might do Zahara, but I hate Odin due to the 'superior? god' thing, so I can't like Zeus and feel good about myself ^^
        As for trimming the list, I'm getting to it, but I'm super busy at the time… Hopefully I'll get around to it next week 🙂

        I think the best combos I've ever made are Phaedra Winter Lileas and Eulalie Magnolia Bell for girls and Claude Morrisey Lake and Magnus Immanuel Gray for boys… I want to use those if I ever get the chance!

      • 4

        babynamelover said,

        What are some more male virtue names? Ylva is pretty 🙂 Garnet is pretty but the others are a bt wordy for me 🙂 I like Gaia a lot 🙂
        Katja is pretty, is it common for C names such as Caroline to have a K? Whats the Odin thing please explain 🙂
        Okay let me know if you want any help trimming 🙂
        Ooh Eulalie Magnolia is gorgeous!! Magnus is pretty cool have never been a fan of Claude.

    • 5

      babynamelover said,

      What are your favourite combos? 🙂

  2. 6

    Bewildertrix said,

    I don’t think I have a favourite letter but I do have least liked ones. N and D.

    Una and Unity are on my extended list but I hate that people say EWE na with Una as opposed to OO na. Also Unity reminds me of fascist Hitler groupie Unity Mitford and her rather creepy but intriguing trainwreck of a family. It’s why I wouldn’t use it up front no matter how much I love it.

    Ursula has appeal. Very ‘hipster’ actually but I think Ursulie much softer.

    • 7

      babynamelover said,

      N or D are for girl/boy?

      I definitely prefer it OO na! its so pretty 🙂 I don’t like Unity at all.

      Ooh I like Ursulie!! Thanks Kellie.

    • 8

      Dearest said,

      The whole Unity Mitford thing is not part of the Norwegian History classes… The first I heard of it was on a name board concerning yes, Unity…
      I wouldn’t use it up front either, but perhaps tucked away at the back somewhere 🙂
      I think I thought of Noa Vianne Unity once or something like that, which is where I’d put her today as well, if using her at all…

      • 9

        babynamelover said,

        Noa is the feminine Noah? I think prefer Noah on a boy. Noa Vianne is pretty I don’t know if Unity flows so well on the end? You will use two middles? do you have kids?

      • 10

        Bewildertrix said,

        It’s not part of New Zealand history classes either. I only learnt about her later in life 😛

        I like that Unity and Juno were considered anglicised and/or related forms of Una in Ireland.

        As a middle, Unity quite lovely.

  3. 11

    SarahInJune said,

    I’m a fan of Vowel names names for boys, Favorite consonants seem to be F & W.

    For girls, I’m discounting the vowels here too because I’ve an obvious preference;
    I see a lot of M & P.

    Only two B names on my entire list. Bartleby & Belpheobe. I doubt I’d ever use either.

    No Ds, Ys,

    • 12

      babynamelover said,

      What O and U names do you like for boys I know of Ulysses. OOh and what are your F’s?
      Only 2 B’s!! Belpheobe is pretty 🙂 I didn’t use to like D’s for boys now I do 🙂

  4. 13

    Dearest said,

    For male virtues I have Valor, Reason, Peace, Prosper, Noble, Loyal, Justice, Chance, Friend, Favour, Earnest and Bravery…
    Justice and Chance are the ones people know of, but I prefer Justus to Justice and never liked chance…
    C is a very rare letter in the Norwegian language, so we use K and S depending on the sound, Sesilia and Kristian for example…

    Odin was the head god in Norse mythology, old wise guy with one eye, the All-Father.. Odin is a name with growing popularity in Norway, but every time I see a little boy and say his name as Odin, it just seriously creeps me out because of Odin the All-Father, who was nothing like a little boy! It’s just an extreme mis-match with a cute little face! Zeus had the same status in Greek mythology, so it would be hypocritical of me to like Zeus and not Odin… Odin is a much deeper and older sounding name though, whereas Zeus is pretty spunky, but I just want to have some consistency! ^^
    If I reach a tight spot with my trimming, I’ll request your aid XD I might have a problem with all the Rose names, I love too too many of them!

    Eulalie Magnolia is my pride and joy! My favourite combo ever!
    Magnus is sweet in my eyes, while having that magnificent meaning, so it’s an excellent one in my book ^^
    I’ve only recently opened my eyes to Claude, but I don’t think I’ll use him…
    Right now I’m leaning towards Hadrian, Samson, Magnus and Phineas as favourites for boys… ^^

    • 14

      Dearest said,

      Forgot to add:
      Noa is a Hebrew girls’ name meaning ‘motion’, Noah is a Hebrew boys’ name meaning ‘wandering’… Two completely different names, as the pronunciation in Hebrew is NO-ah for Noa and NO-ach for Noah… they have their own sound for the H at the end…

      If I ever move to England like I dream of, I will use two middles because it’s not frowned upon too much there…
      If I stay in Norway, two middles is reserved for silly royalties, and they don’t even do it! One middle is more than enough, and just one name is the most common thing to do… I want middles because there are too many pretty names out there, and I can’t not use as many of them as I dare! ^^

    • 15

      babynamelover said,

      Justice seems to be totally bogan here in NZ! Earnest is cool I think thats the only one I could use the rest are GPs are really. Oh I didn’t know though that!
      So there’s not many c names at all?
      My friend has a dog Zeus! thanks for sharing the story 🙂 I like Mythological stories and hero/heroines 🙂
      Ooh I have just started loving Rosamund & Rosemary 🙂
      OOh I have recently started liking Samson, hubby likes Samuel but its a bit boring for me, hypocritical really when I love Henry!
      Sarah who visits likes Eulalie 🙂 I can’t remember her combo right this minute though…
      I like Phineas, I don’t like Hadrian at all I think its cause I don’t like Adrian either.

      • 16

        Dearest said,

        Actually, part of the reason why I like Hadrian is because of Hadrian’s Wall in England XD
        I’m not too fond of Adrian myself but Hadrian has history and that means a LOT to me when it comes to names!!
        I also love that I can call him Ian, which is a name I’ve always loved but always felt was too short to actually use…

        As for C/K names, we have C names as well, but it really depends on the parents and how young/trendy they want to seem… Also, people who prefer typically Norwegian names will use K as it would be most ‘Norwegian’ of them, while parents who choose more international names will use C, meaning Ingrid’s brother would be Kristian while Emma’s brother would be Christian in most cases… ^^

        Earnest is my favourite as well, but I really like the idea of Noble or Bravery in the middle somewhere… Friend will forever be a GP, but I’m more likely to use Bellamy, which I can’t believe people want as a girls’ name!

        Samson is excellent! My dad grew up in a very small place where Samson was a well used boys’ name, and that’s one of my favourite places in the world so using Samson would bring me closer to that… I feel very at home there ^^

        Samson is the only name I’m really set on using… I don’t really care about anything else, I just want a boy named Samson!!!

        My Rose names are Primrose, Rosamund, Roisin, Roza, Rosetta, Roswitha, Roos and Rosalba, which is too many!! XD

      • 17

        babynamelover said,

        Ian is a nice nickname for Hadrian I haven’t heard of Hadrian’s wall.
        Oh thanks for explaining about the C/K thing I guess its the same with trendy names here someone who wants to be “trendy” will pick Kaitlyn over Caitlin.
        Bravery or Noble would be cool in the middle 🙂 I thought Bellamy was a girls name!! tell me the history of it!
        Do you prefer it Sampson or Samson? Thats nice a name that connects you to home and family 🙂
        Wow you have a lot of Rose names!! I haven’t herd of Roswitha or Roos?

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