Bonds Baby Search Baby’s- Girls.


Kaia & Layla, Gaia & Evelyn, Elizabeth & Samantha, Beth & Amy, Edie & Beth.

Names with hyphens (boys in brackets)

Lola-Jean, Arden-Grace, Mia-Moana, Nola-Mae, Chlea-Jade, Janesta-Rose, Matilda-Rose, Abigail-Maree, (Dar-rel), (Cee-Jay), Marlee-Rose, Sophie-Lee, Danny-Jo, Tracey-Lee, Kobyn-Rayne, Indiana-Rose, Marie-Louise, Poppie-May, Bella-Tiarne, Miabella-Rose, Destiny-Pearl, Tiana-Jade, Danika-Leigh, Safahri-Jade, Taitum-Jaymz, Liliana-Jade, (De-yon) Summer’Jayne, Alexis-Grace, Payton’Lea, Shana-Lee, Tiana-Jae, Matildah-Rose, Ka’tia, Torrie-lee.


Belinda, Victoria, Adelaide, Amy, Bethany, Lauren, Eva, Kendall, Bridie, Gisele, Melanie, Erin, Yasmin, Clare, Natalie, Michelle, Faith, Rhianne, Ruby, Carissa, Jacinta, Keeley, Laura, Samara, Elle, Nina, Lola, Louise, Violet, Callista, Anastasia, Zoe, Carmen, Helen, Felicity, Melissa, Elena, Valentina, Freya, Delilah, Amelia, Isla, Julia, Cassandra, Imogen, April, Morgan, Lucia, Poppy, Tess, Winter, Angela, Molly, Jacqueline, Bonnie, Jade, Alice, Ebony, Rebecca, Aurora, Celine, Monique, Lisa, Madeline, Bronwyn, Lucinda, Willow, Carly, Daisy, Camille, Raffaella, Piper, Lara, Nadia, Angela, Lucy, Libby, Nikita, Thea, Chelsea, Cleo, Reese, Arianne, Catherine, Francesca, Toni, Ingrid, Katherine, Paula, Sabrina, Roxy, Bronte, Mariah, Sandy, Sasha, Dakota, Cara, Tiffany, Tyra, Holly, Miranda, Julie.

Shirley, Luella, Annie, Shirley, Marnie, Bessie, Amity, Lucille, Rosa, Lulu, Mimi, Reba, Elsie, Pearl, Iris, Rosetta, Olive, Tilly, Babette, Heidi, Yvette, Tabitha, Eloise, Hermione, Diana, Clementine, June, Beth, Josephine, Mina, Chrysanthe,Hazel,  Daphne, Mabel, Amaryllis, Georgie, Lillian, Dahlia, Teodora, Ivy, Esther, Arabella, Ida, Meg, Olive, Aubrey, Jane, Cynthia, Alison, Juliette, Mary, Allegra, Eleanor, Mariette, Evangeline, Klara/Clara, Kit ,Dina, Lolita, Olympia, Sally, Edith.

Coco, Quincy, Angel, Caprice, Jewel, Majenta, River, Jazz, Avalon, Cherish, Cairo, Rain, Winter, Shiloh, Harmony, Elodie, Saige, Lucky, Vienna, Paisley, Tigerlily, Maple, Indigo, Pyrate, Trinity, Tulip, Nevaeh, Porsha, Serenity, Hope, Kitty, Arden, Anakie, Pixie, Alaska, Demi, Ocean, Chardonnay, Patience, Melody,Nevada, Dusty, Harper, Modesty, Chevy.

Monieka, Nikkisha, Alyvia, Khloie, Sascha, Talieya, Illiana, Havania, Neva, Ashlan, Adahlia, Somma, Lyla, Cloe, Alecia, Eliesha, Addicyn, Cheyanne, Alexxa, Avah, Wynta, Aaleah, Aleksa, Marleya, Tessah, Chaylee, Jayde, Shae, Chelce, Natalee, Armahni, Scarlotte, Summah, Alaliela, Izabella, Serynnia, Shaela,  Nieve, Azaiyah, Ellenore, Shilah, Mychaela, Avaril, Sylvannah, Innika, Ayva, Rosemari,Jimima, Trelyse,

Ellia, Cianna, Jylea, Quaylah, Imara,Temika,Araya,Inara, Allyra, Aleka, Ashadiah, Arkie,  Zahni, Paea, Ecren, Ejren, Kokoda, Risha, Damara, Taniesse, Aashaylee, Daija, Delana, Folosade, Zoni, Oceah, Chimme, Zari, Irem, Ayansa, Janaiah, Alara, Shallyn, Tithi, Sharell, Shylynn, Tekeia, Tiese, Daisharn, Saybra, Sena, Nour, Mataya, Mohala,

Dempsey, Logan, Kirby, Blake, Emlyn, Kameron, Espen, Chandler, Eliette, Isaiah, Harvey, Shelby, Zia, Gabriel, Sidney, Jayden, Tully, Elliot,  Blaire, Darby, Finnlay,

Keali, Kiana, Kiahla, Kiyarah, Kaylia, Kalara, Khyaura, Kaitara, Kiyarah, Kirrali, Kyndra, Kadelle, Kiesha, Kyndral, Kymani, Keiley, Keana, Kiralee, Kasia.

Asta, Amika, Talya, Kaya, Shanti, Tahnee, Sakura, Aroha, Sachi, Priya, Sabra, Lia, Alessia, Aniela, Sora, Ximena, Donatella, Natalya, Halina, Athalia, Maja, Amani, Natassja, Aomi, Amal, Isha, Luciana, Quiana, Myfanwy, Zaira, Leda, Layal, Manaia, Mahina, Soleil, Solange, Jaya, Mahalia, Zavia, Azura, Seren,

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  1. 1

    Bewildertrix said,

    A Chardonnay? I was hoping that was just a British chav thing. It’s disgusting.

    Some of those kids’ names are the equivalent of having BOGAN tattooed on their faces or other visible part of the body.

    Lots of stunning names too e.g Allegra, Ida, Teodora and Olive but so overshadowed by the ‘pedigree dog cuteness’ and trashy stuff a la Anakie, Chevy and Nevaeh.

    What a mix! You must have burned your eyes working through that lot.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      It is yucky why would you name your child after an alcoholic beverage?. I cracked up when I read that comment about Bogan, Hyphens and apostrophes are all bogan to me, thats what middles are for or have a double first name.

      Pedgree dog lmao 😛 I have to admit Maple did attract me a little!

      I was sick of seeing certain names towards the end for sure! I have the boys to put it up just want to finish my assignment. Start work in 3 weeks so excited!!

      • 3

        Bewildertrix said,

        I confess I pinched pedigree dog cute from somebody on my blog although I worded it differently. It works well on some of those.

        Good for you! 🙂

      • 4

        babynamelover said,

        How your going? has the morning sickness eased? How long till your scan 🙂 hehe I loved Conor’s suggestions and I bet they will be delighted with a wee sibling 🙂

  2. 5

    Bewildertrix said,

    Ouch and some of the misspellings! Chelce, Summah, Addicyn! Oh and Scarlotte is bizarre. If the didn’t want the harlot in Charlotte, just use Scarlet or Scarlett. They haven’t achieved anything other than a dunce spelling. Ah, perhaps they wanted Lottie? 😉 That appears to be a regular inspiration behind mangling names. “We wanted [such and such] as a pet name”. Of course, you can’t possibly get Maddie from Madison. It has to be Maddison!!!

    • 6

      babynamelover said,

      Scarlotte is very bizzare I agree! Oh thats a perfect excuse for mangling a perfectly acceptable name :P. I think you had a Zackory recently which I presume is nicknamed Kory.

  3. 7

    SarahInJune said,

    I like Belinda. Most of my teddybears had B names growing up. My favorites were Belinda & Bosley.

    I love Winter, but only in the middle. Dahlia & Teodora are both fantastic names.
    Elodie is a fave (also one of my nieces mn), Pyrate is HORRIBLE. Aomi caught me off guard.

    • 8

      babynamelover said,

      I had a friend at high school called Belinda her sisters are Angela & Amanda and theres a brother too. Mine were Lisa and Kylie after my cousins and Holly just cause I liked it, what do you think of Holly? I know sisters Holly & Hannah. My parents have a cow called Pirate, the other two are Blondie & Loveheart. Elodie- I prefer Eloise + someone said to me “a load of…” and it put me off, also think it would get confused with dated Melody. My friend has a Dahlia in her centre. Aomi is it Japanese? I’m not sure how to pronounce it?

      • 9

        SarahInJune said,

        I used to hate Holly, but I’m a fan now. I couldn’t use it though. My hubby dated a Holly. Her sister’s name was Heather. Both H names, Both plant names. I can’t stand Melody at all. I don’t know where Aomi comes from, I like Naomi better though, and Noemi even more.

      • 10

        babynamelover said,

        Holly & Heather is pretty cutsey together! I don’t like Molly so much although I do like it as a nickname for Margaret 🙂 Noemi is very pretty! I went through a stage of loving Naomi but hubby doesn’t like it and backwards it spells “I moan”.
        I can’t find Aomi either hmm in google it comes up as Naomi maybe they dropped the N?

  4. 11

    Sophia said,

    Caprice, Majenta, Cherish, Pyrate, Porsha, Chardonnay, Modesty and Folosade are troubling! I can’t believe people actually named their daughters those names! As well as all those awful made up names/boys’ names on girls/unnecessary apostrophes. Just… just ew. There were some very pretty ones in there though. Ruby, Lola, Valentina, Delilah, Isla, Imogen, Lucia, Willow, Raffaella, Cleo, Francesca, Dakota, Annie, Rosa, Pearl, Iris, Heidi, Clementine, June, Hazel, Ivy, Arabella, Olive, Allegra, Kit, Lolita, Coco, Avalon, Winter, Shiloh, Elodie, Indigo, Pixie, Harper, Illiana, Allyra, Eliette, Priya and Soleil are all gorgeous I think.

    • 12

      babynamelover said,

      I couldn’t believe Imogen was so popular! I prefer Indigo on a boy I’m not sure why though I think I read it in a book. If you go back a page or so there’s pics of Coco and June and some of the other baby’s so cute :).

  5. 15

    marlee said,

    what are your thoughts on Aashaylee, Aaleya, Ayva, and Auroura? Im keen onthe different ‘A’ names =)

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